Just Timberlake's Capiche.

So about the end of March, beginning of April my car was stolen. I rode in it Friday morning before it was stolen, didn't go out that evening and didn't realize it had been stolen until Saturday evening. I believe it was stolen Friday evening or Saturday morning. I believe it was Friday evening because there was a time in that evening I could feel someone had ill will for me. Not knowing who it was, the only words I got were "you're just a peasant" and "capiche?".

It was in the waking moments of the evening when I heard them.

The car was taken, driven a block and my brother saw it parked near a wing stop not much more than a block away. He called me about it because I had sent an e-mail out, explaining it had been stolen.

I filed the report Saturday evening and didn't finish it till a little after midnight. I called them to let them know it had been found and they released my registration so I could drive it again.

My mining equipment had been stolen out of it.

So about 1-2 weeks later the police recovered a lot of stuff found in a motel 6 and among them was most of my mining equipment I reported, except for a few other pieces and my cd player / stereo. I went to the motel 6 later to pick up a few items (like a tent) that I didn't put on my initial report.

I found they caught the woman on camera who had come into town from a larger group of thieves along with an Asian man, probably between age 25-40.

They came into town, stole tons of stuff from a lot of people and for the stuff they didn't think they could make any money off of or should sell, they just left in the apartment.

Is Justin being blamed? I wrote him more than a month before it happened.
He must have felt guilty and let some of his darker energy slip out of him around the time my car was stolen, resulting in the clues that led me to understand his feelings about me.

About a week ago I finally realized who sent the message about the "capiche-ing". For some reason I could tell Justin's energy field was getting weak and felt inspired to repeat that word back to him. Using my 'psychic' powers I know that I can trace back telepathy sent to me with bad intentions, just by plugging it into the right person to watch how their energy field reacts to it. As I pushed the word into his energy field I could feel him get a little unstable. I pushed it again began to laugh... violently, realizing he thought his quasi-Italian flavor of exerting power had some authority to it. I fed the word to him a few more times and had some of the best laughs I've had in a long while.

This morning I noticed him on the astral plane after he showed me a couple hundred dollar bills. A few moments later and feeling out his energy I said "I smell a criminal".

Ask Justin about what he thinks. I didn't conclude he had his hand involved in it because it didn't make sense that an independently wealthy man would have any gripe with me unless he was just acting out in insecurity. Once my subconscious realized he had been engaged in some kind of chicanery I decided to give him a fast lie detector.

Grabbing hold of my desire to know if he had any hand in the robbery I grabbed some energy from God, pushed my intention into his energy field. Although It wasn't the best time for me to do telepathy (my sensitivity to it often diminishes if I sleep too much or get down-spirited) I waited for a response, not assuming anything while I waited.

Finally he said "Nine, master"

I didn't know why he'd say it that way. I think he thought he might need to translate it into my language. A few moments later I could feel a small, black mustache forming on his upper lip as I observed he was feeling a little bit like Hitler. Not at the point of sale of those 2 original words but if I had asked him a few moments later I'd have probably heard what his feelings were feeling about him and the word would have been a lot more distinct in context: "NEIN!".

The study of the metaphysical has much to do with what a person is feeling when you talk to them. Shape-shifting, mood shifting and so-on is so common.

The moral of this story is to cleanse yourself of corruption, that way fear can't spill out of you in your days of weakness or at other times leaving you having to relive some of your times of notoriety, even if it's just vicariously.

On the other hand, If not for fear I wouldn't have had such a good story to tell.

A little good will can go a long way. I've Tormented Justin quite a few times on the astral plane, as I've explained in previous articles. Would be great to retire from tormenting him but he hasn't cut a deal for it so I don't think he's ready.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Dec 5, 2012