Some More Celebrity Mind Reading 12-5-2012

Who told John Travolta about me? He thinks someone is ugly, whether it be me or my message or something else. Loosen him up and see what he confesses.

Mellisa Joan Heart isn't pregnant again is she? If she's pregnant again she's thinking about that next six pack she can buy once she's not because 9 months without a beer isn't her favorite past time.

"I beg your pardon?" Donny Osmond asked me on the astral plane. It appears his mom taught him some serious manners as a child.

In this same place Kirsten Dunst told me says she's a little dirty.

Brock Lesnar gets a little insecure about his weight sometimes. Summoning me into his fear and repeated it to him through the source field I said: "you're f***ing fat" is what I said to him. I'd never say that to anyone in the waking moments of the day but it's what he wanted me to say to them there for whatever reason.

Steve Spielberg wanted to talk about a small accomplishment I did in my youth the last I spoke with him on the astral plain. I assert that I'm completely reliable as a worker. I think he can understand this one, Eagle Scout to Eagle Scout.

There is an occasional message about me and a hit or assassination. Would love it. Send them on down. It'd be a much better money making experience than any I've had in a while.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Dec 5, 2012