Astral Romance: "flash Your Countenance!"

I had a visitation from a young woman several times on the astral plane, interested in hooking up with me. Whether or not she knew of me consciously, I don't know.

I heard her voice on one occasion and then again last night. I wanted to see what she looked like so I just asked her "flash your countenance" at me. In a flash of light I saw what she looked like. She was a nice woman but I could tell she didn't have much self-esteem, as indicated from her countenance.

I know how basic spirit evolution works. The more you evolve, the more your features become "chizzled" to perfection. The more advanced a woman becomes, the more I can see it in her countenance. This woman didn't look very advanced. If a potential romantic partner isn't at a comparable level of advancement as you then eventually one or both parties will feel this 'gap' between interests, ability and ambitions.

Unless I see a woman comparably matched with me I'll tend to lose interest rather quickly.

On the astral plane I can learn if there are women interested in the type of being that I am. I get evidence of this when I see them projecting me doing whatever their fancy is, whether it be to spoon or worse. I don't understand the dynamic of one particular phenomena I've observed that happens on the astral plane or while dreaming but I've seen some women use me to do things they want done to them, like grab their boobs. In fact I saw this happen last night and I felt a little troubled because I didn't know how to prevent them from doing it. I woke up a bit dismayed "why do I have to grab that woman's chest?" All I can assess is that a woman can charge my energy field into getting out of me what she wants, in this case the woman wanted me to grab her. I watched from a distance while a "clone" of me did just that.

Another woman wanted to spoon and summoned me to do just that, projecting another clone.

I have wondered if one of these situations is just the beginning of someone projecting me into their life or if it means something else. The second one is more my thing, the first is not because I don't want to get into trouble. Gotta be married to it to feel safe about that sort of thing.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Dec 7, 2012