Quack Quack?

Most people that can't handle simple truths about themselves or eternity chalk the deliverer up to being a quack. For one person I spoke to on the astral plane they said I was being too forceful. How? I couldn't imagine how sending a letter, or writing an article can be perceived as being forceful. Huey, Dewey and Louie...

Yep, Duck tales. Quack Quack Quack. People will make up the most obscure or odd explanations to dodge opening their mind to that next stage in their development.

Afraid to know your potential is basically endless? Ashamed? Then stop quack'n out on the things that are preventing your mind from hitting that next level.

My Aunt Laura had the audacity to call me a quack on the astral plane more recently. There hasn't been one person, no not one willing to confront me about any of my more obscure claims, but they are willing to talk behind my back in negative ways about me. They must think I can't see when they do. No worries. I'll let chickens be chickens.

My uncle Mark also showed up in a dream and he half-admitted that it wasn't the lengths of the last e-mails I sent(I sent about 3-5 over a year span), whether they were short or long that was the deciding factor he didn't want to respond to them. I laughed a little, realizing how timid he is being, not appearing able to take the truth "like a man".
Another thing he doesn't get is that I'm not looking for corruption in him, but he supposes so because of what I identified one of his sons for being involved in. I used to talk about what people bring to my attention on the astral plane and I wager it was because his son's higher self needed someone to check him that he revealed his hand in the corruption it had been involved in.
So on that note my uncle wants to do the Edward Teller way of keeping secret the things I know he wants to remain unanimous about participating in. When asked about Bob Lazar Edward said "I will say nothing. I will just sit silent".  As if I want to question him about something he wants to keep secret. I really don't care if he's got some or had some secrets within his business that are shady, confidence destroying or something else. I could care less what he has to own up to as he stands before God and the land, just help a suffering brother out.

Then he went on to say something he thought I must be involved in, thinking I might be involved with some woman in some nefarious way... I began to laugh almost uncontrollably. Yea, the worst I've done in the last 10 years is a hug. I massaged a woman's back and arms also one evening a few months back also. Then he went on to say something that almost seemed reliable that I had done that was bad... more than a decade ago I reckon. It wasn't quite the kind of thing I did so I started to laugh like a pirate... ARRRRR!!!! He joined in for a few chuckles. I was glad to see he had lightened up a bit. The last thing I learned from him is that he still thinks I want him to come clean about something.

Well, whatever. The only thing he needs to come clean about is why he has done nothing to assist me in the last year.

Any ways I don't like to single anyone out but a few simple readers will be enough to react with their energy fields and the exchange should be enough to help them realize they're being wimpy.

TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Dec 11, 2012