Dunking On The Astral Plane

I wanted to write this brief article because I was joined by none other than Jamie Foxx last night. We Found ourselves on a basketball court and there was nothing more than the temptation to dunk.

I asked him: "can you dunk" and he said he needs about 2 more inches to his vert to really feel comfortable dunking. I watched from a distance as he brought the ball up and looked just about like me when I try to dunk... almost pulled it off but not quite like the people that can do it consistant.

On a good day when i'm in shape and eating right I can barely pull off a dunk. Volleyball? Sure, Basketball? I've pulled off about 2 or 3 where I elevated high enough and I'm probably about 4 inches taller than Jamie.

My best standing vert is about 25 inches, running vert about 29. Weak numbers. I knew if I worked on it for a week or 2 I'd get a few inches. Vertical leap favors people with the right kind of body for it but in short it comes down to 2 things: flexibility and how much energy you can release as you leap (explosiveness). The best leapers are virtually all *very* flexible.

Energy production is the most important thing along with flexibility to maximize your vertical leap. The people capable of generating the highest pounds of force in conjunction with the genetic leverage that is the natural ability of the leapers legs (and becoming more flexible adds to this) creates the best opportunity for a leaper to elevate.

working out can and does help. All the best leapers get their best leaps when they're in shape and able to maximize the force generated by their legs. Things like poor lower back support and a few other health or genetic disadvantages lower a leapers maximum potential.

So any ways I write this more to suggest the importance of freeing the mind.

When I get the opportunity to dunk on the astral plane, I take full advantage of it.

I elevate much further than I do in my natural state. I believe I can dunk with full power and succeed 1 handed or two. in reality I'd need to jump a good 3-5 inches higher to succeed at a viable 2 handed dunk so that's out of the question based on how good of shape I am at the moment.

I'd love to have Jamie confirm that that's about where his dunking skills are at the moment of this article. Add a little faith to the pot and he could be doing just the same as I had on other occasions: head above the rim.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Dec 15, 2012