Hello, Dexter Morgan.

Michael C Hall gave me an interesting image about himself while I was asleep.

Then I proceeded to watch someone (that probably watched his show) get freaked out that he might actually kill someone.

I saw all I needed to see to know where Michael is as far as a few of his feelings concerning the matter, at least about 5 hours ago.

I'll explain the image. I hope he doesn't feel uncomfortable about it but it isn't something that he ought to feel uncomfortable about.

The image was two candles next to each other.

the left one burnt out, the right one burnt out but with a circle above it.

Circle represents eternity.
Left is Evil, Right is Good.

Both of them had burned down a bit meaning he has considered interest in both.

He's burnt out at doing things he believes are evil and he's burnt out on trying to do what's right.

The circle was over the right candle, indicating he favors doing the right thing and living a clean lifestyle for eternity.

Remember, the study of the astral plane is the study of what people are feeling.

Why does anyone have to talk about it? Because it's helpful for one person to validate to another about how he feels.

I care. I cared when he told me about how he didn't like his name because it was so common. His answer is to not drink anyone's cool-aid who says he's not exceptional, important and unique. It's very important for most people to feel different than other people. He'll decide he doesn't need to do anything other than enjoy the unique impact on his fellow men that only he can really pull off. A lot of people admire Michael for his talent and look up to him as a very intelligent and capable person.
When he realizes how many people rely on him for the good things he has provided to their life then he'll realize how he'll be letting people down but not providing people a piece of his very unique personality. Mark is naturally gifted at many things that I am not. His many gifts can be exceedingly satisfying to the people that don't have them, especially those that like to associate with someone who has them.

I only talk about the things I believe a person is comfortable with me revealing. Anyone can ask me to remove content about them at any time so they can't complain and shouldn't because all they need to do is kindly ask me to remove something I've written and I'll do it, no questions asked, no money or ill-will involved. This is so no celebrity can complain about what I write.

I can't reach as many people about this kind of stuff unless I use a name of someone they're interested in. My interactions with them in the astral plane aren't anything more than I observed. Names draw in viewers. I don't get any money for it but education is so important I'll sacrifice the time to iterate points that are important.

So on to the person who is afraid of Michael.

I heard a frantic voice expressing her concern about what she was afraid he'd be willing to do to 'complete' his role as Dexter by materializing a real murder.

In her mind it was JUST LIKE DEXTER WOULD. I saw them flash 2 images, one that indicated Dexter's cunning to attack during the perfect window of time, the other a flash of plastic wrap. It's fuzzy now but I think there was another image of a body part wrapped or half wrapped in the plastic. The tint of the plastic was blue, indicating that the person thought that murder can be spiritual in nature.


All i can say is that sounds like the most moronic thing Michael C Hall can do. kill someone and wrap them in plastic. Not particularly discrete.

The image Michael gave me at the beginning was perfect to unveil how drops this concern in its tracks.

Someone who kills to a code will eventually get tired of it any ways.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Jan 7, 2013