Talk About Ezra...! My Second Dream With David Wilcock.

I had another Dream with David Wilcock. This time I found myself assuming--and believing a thing about David he probably finds about as true about me as I find about myself... Belief that his intuitive instinct is as insightful and fine-tuned as mine.

For some odd reason we both assumed the same thing but with separate results: "if I shook your hand you'd know who I was and you wouldn't be able to deny it"... this was a statement made assuming his intuition was about as sound as they come. He said that I said the same about him.

Then we shook hands and BAM! Nothing happened. The case, point and match is that both of us had false conclusions about the other person. As if the intuition of the Gods could flow straight from our super-conscious mind into our conscious minds like some magical super-hero show straight from making contact at the skin. Almost sounds like a Hollywood enactment of an age-old fantasy--instant intuition that doesn't exist in anyone's ability.

David is smart though, I imagine. I'm sure I could write something about an interactive dream that pertains to him and he'd know what it means... instantly!! That is as long as his knowledge of symbolism goes as deep as mine.

Does it? in some ways probably? In most ways I'd have to gamble yes. In the way I saw in the dream... after our first problem is focused on I'd have to say we probably focus on different types of dream symbolism than the other.

I'll explain David's final word in the dream in a few moments. If he knows what it means precisely then he's on the same wave length as me. If he doesn't then it'll take me about 2 seconds to explain it to him.

So before I end it with today's final dream interaction I'll proceed to talk about what was predicted: Ezra Taft Benson and Tarrow Cards. These are 2 topics that were brought up in a previous "astral" interaction.

Last night I finally had an event where someone said "Talk about Ezra (Taft Benson)." To that my first thought was: I like to be generous about what I say but there isn't much that stands out to me about Ezra Taft Benson. I think he was a little boring, that's about it. I have respect for him because I feel he was a Holy man that was doing his best. He just wasn't one of those super-insightful, charismatic spiritual Gurus that only seem to come along once in a few millennium.

So Tarot cards. I must comment on them. Can they do what David pro-ports they can do? In a video he discussed about how we can be like a maiden or prostitute as far as we view ourselves. Do we serve people or exploit them?

The video was quite insightful, it being powerful enough to reach the minds of many. Kirsten Dunst? Not much more than a few days from December 21st 2012 I heard her say "I made it!" Like she believe she made the cut to "Graduate" as David suggested.

Are there really 2 separate time-lines as he suggested? Let's keep things interesting and say 'yes' or 'plausible' because the simple fact of the matter is we can't know unless we have a Divine way to learn whether or not this is true. He cites a timeline mentioned in the pyramids as showing 2 separate time-lines that separate around the end of 2012. If it's true then it's fascinating. Andrew Basiago discussed how the government was having issues seeing past the end of 2012 because they kept getting conflicting timelines like they were trying to tune their "quantum access" technologies to 1 channel but were getting two separate timelines with different results (ie visuals). The degree of uncertainty about the future hit an all-time and unusual high for people in "the project" all starting at 2012.

2 different people discussing the same thing. When this happens I don't think it's wise to throw it out.

So Tarot Cards. Can they accomplish what David says they can to provide insight about a person? Absolutely. It only works if a person has faith. I'll add another thing he forgot to: Don't stop shuffling until you feel inspired to stop. If it works then shuffling will have to be done in an inspired way as the order of the cards is very important.

Someone else in Hollywood told me: I'm a Maid. I can't remember her name because I didn't write it down but this was coming from someone who felt she had prostituted herself a bit.

I'd put a high wager that both Kirsten Dunst and Jessica Biel have heard about or listened to David's video. Kirsten for what I've already written and Jessica because she projected an image of her as a gypsy to me several times. Gypsy's often have been perceived as prostitutes and on the other side of the coin Gypsy's typify the use of Tarot Cards, also. Only she knows where it fits in but because Gypsy's have a strong correlation to Tarot cards and I had a dream where her husband Justin showed me his interest in Lay lines I believe they each have a unique influence by David Wilcock because who talks about both Lay lines and Tarot Cards? David has educated numerous people about Lay lines, their significance and released very insightful videos that cater to spiritual progress.

I study dreams, the astral plane and social interactions that happen between me and other people there.

At any rate he can reach a lot of people that are hard to reach.

So here's me finishing the article. The prediction of what he'll 'feel' about me after I write an article talking about both Ezra Taft Benson was that he will feel that I'm an enigma. Feel is key. It doesn't indicate he'll even read this article because as any astral scientist knows the study of astral interactions is the study of what people are "feeling" and what they're feeling can often be influenced by the energy field of other people.

I almost don't want to say it because there are two separate ways I imagine someone would interpret the last thing about what he said in tonight's dream.

His inspired words:


The worse and best meanings come with interpretation. If I was a Nazi I'd say he's gone out frogg'n on us: Breed'n like a villain, letting his friendly, inner reptile take over where things pertaining to sexual relations are concerned...

Or... he's thinking: Kiss me, I'm a prince!

I'm seer. I know where the data falls but anything but a positive suggestion isn't going to cut it when I talk about well-known people I've interacted with on the astral plane... because no one wants their feelings hurt, and I don't blame them for wanting to esteem something positive about their-self.
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Jan 11, 2013