Psychic Images, Football Season Theme

Although most NFL coaches don't think they have time or think they could use me to help spike their chances to win, I'm still seer. I can see what their team needs to win.

I can see who is weak and why.

Here is my break down so far.

I know Coach Harbaugh isn't vested in asking for my help.

Neither is Coach Carroll.

Coach Carroll had a moment of weakness last night and I got to see him feel he won't be able to make it to the superbowl.

Could his team fight through his doubt to get there? Is his doubt long-term or just short term? I'll let them answer those.

I've been studying the psychic images that have come through to me whether they be real time or in the dream state.

When I checked the score for Baltimore vs the Broncos I saw it was tied at 35 / 35 and that they weer about to go into overtime.

I already made a prediction that Peyton wouldn't make it to the superbowl. Wow, it came true. All I saw is that he didn't feel he could win. He's not humble enough to beat the teams that want it more. Most Players play at about 10-25% more mental awareness during the playoffs over the normal season. I say this because the players that really want the win the most tend to show up at a heightened level of emotional and mental awareness. Most of the Niners did yesterday (especially number 7) and they won. You can't show up to a playoff game and expect to beat a team with comparable talent that show up with less emotional and mental focus, it just doesn't happen. The Lighthouses of emotional energy on the team can act like beacons, sharing their energy field with the team mates around them.

So I focused my mind to see who would win and I got an image of Joe Flacco standing tall. about 10-20 minutes later the ravens had won the game.

What I saw from Coach Carrol was ominous. Can he turn it around?

Also for Brady, I saw him in the stands and me on the field. I'll fill in what this means after I think about it some more.

Images from the Texans or the falcons yet? Not really. I'd place a high wager against a good performance from Matt Ryan. This isn't because I dislike him, it's just because of my last dream with him. He will resist the notion that I'm anything more than just some guy that "hangs out in the astral plane". Because he worked to treat more poorly on my last dream I'll have to return the favor, with insurance by explaining that any intelligent being has to feel kindly towards me if they want me to "vote" for their success.

Either way if God wants to prove a point about the handiness of dream study and other study of the metaphysical then there is a high chance he will use me to prove that point, if I ask.

I'll only be able to see small clues to indicate who will win before it happens.

I saw that Aaron was projecting to win the Superbowl, but that's just not enough. He needs his team to have the same vision. As we saw they missed a lot of the key plays to get them over the edge. Interception + Jennings missed pass + a few more botches may have won them the game had they cleaned them up. Clean up the rhythm of your soul and you will be filled with pure power.

I wonder if Kaepernick can do it next week. He showed pure mental and spiritual preparedness this last game. The best way to repeat this next week is to remain humble, which will be very difficult to do if he buys into getting distracted by the record he broke (rush yards by a quarterback).

He went to college in my Home town. He doesn't like me very much though (or at least his energy field indicates he doesn't like some things about me).

No worries, let me give them more of a chance: His key this week will be to stretch well, more particularly his legs. If he puts in the time to do this and keep his walk with God just as steady he'll find it very easy to play well.

These are all my thoughts so far but I use them to confirm that they are helpful to understand how things will unfold.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Jan 13, 2013