Astral Suggestion... Melissa Joan Hart?

Yes. While I was sleeping I suggested something about Nazis and how they like to recruit the best talent and how I wasn't too big a fan of that process. Melissa Joan Heart didn't appear to be too enthusiastic about it either as she communicated to me. "Well you're in luck because we are just having a baby!"

At any rate I wanted to talk (once more) about how suggestion is used by just about everyone to try to learn what they want to learn about someone, whether it be in a conversation or some other type of communication. People doubt the psychics that operate off of pure suggestion. "You don't really know anything, you're just pretending like you know and then ask the right suggestive questions!".

In reality a lot of what you see while dreaming isn't good enough to derive much intel from. If you hone your skills and knowledge you can learn quite a bit.

I'm quite aware of the many celebrities that want a little air time, whether it be through an article or you're like John Edwards, practicing telepathy fully vested in the idea it's a viable means of communication.

"Cher needs an article" someone told me while I was sleeping. I know. all I know about her so far is that she likes a little bubbly. All I saw was what appeared to be a large french bottle, pointing to the right, top popping off. The top came off from pressure inside the bottle so that's why I say bubbly.

I can go deeper, much deeper for anyone but it's not my preference to go very deep (in meditation) unless they actually ask me. Pay me? even better. None of the two has happened, no well-known person has asked me and obviously no one has paid me to prove what I can do so I just sit back and comment on a few things I've observed through this site and leave it at that until someone expresses deeper interest.

"you're not common" someone says to me. "You're deaf" says JB. I stopped mentioning her per her 'astral request' about 2 weeks ago.

Should you ask about Melissa's new baby? Hrm wait until something materializes about it first, they could just be trying for another.

I think good women and parents should be having the children and the people that can't seem to be responsible or healthy for children to be around should find something else to spend their time on. I think Melissa is competent enough.

So there is interrogative suggestion and casual suggestion, two separate types of suggestion. The magnet that pulls intel out of someone comes through suggestion. I don't take suggestion on the astral plane very serious unless it's me suggesting something.

"Who are you?" was a question Gweneth Paltrow asked me a few days back. This doesn't mean she doesn't know who I am or what I do on this site, it's just suggesting that she wants me to think she doesn't know. At the end of the day, we've never met so even if she knows what I do on the site I can't conclude she'd ever be able to pick me out as a face on the street.

The wiser folks know that the questions asked while you dream are usually mere suggestive questions, face value suggests one meaning but their suggestive value implies another.

Discernment is so important to know what things mean. To be a pro "astral scientist" I sift through many clues, only understanding about 10-50% depending on my emotional focus. Every clue is like its own astral riddle. Some of them are given simply for me to understand how someone feels about me.

"We need to reunite" was a suggestion I got from Eva Mendes, in the waking moments of the day. Realizing it could be a trap, I projected the suggestion back to her, buying into it enough to determine its significance. When I did that I learned she doesn't have much love for me.

It's a psychic's best to Gold to understand how suggestion operates. To employ it in the waking moments of the day as a crafting, clever, or cunning manipulator or 'mentalist' is a whole separate can of worms that is still a little beyond my grasp of understanding.

"Get Penn and Teller".

Well if Penn isn't afraid of what I can learn about him through my knowledge of the metaphysical and the workings of the subconscious then I may be able to explain to him why God is someone a person actually can know but he only shows up to people that want him to and most people are only comfortable with him showing up in spirit.

Don't believe me? Promise in the bible: "If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our abode with him."

Only a few people in the history of our world have put enough work together to see God and KNOW that he exists. I will be one of them. It's my natural path of evolution.

Most people are too overwhelmed by the physical universe and don't seek to understand the workings of the non-physical or sub-visual aspects of the universe so that is the end of their intelligent. A being with complete intelligence will be a master of both.

Penn is working to be a master of the physical, illusion and whatever other personal aspirations he has to grow and enjoy life as an individual. He will never consider the workings of things unseen until he has someone pick him apart. If someone puts me up to it I certainly can. If I get around to winning the James Randi challenge a lot more people will be interested in hearing what I have to say.

There comes a time when study of things unseen becomes important and it's just not very important for most people, and thus they will never get to meet or see God in his Glory. It's not a suggestion, it's God's protocol. He only spends time revealing to people who he is and his power to those that put in the time to develop their intelligence to a comparable degree as his.

If you know who God is while the veil of disbelief is over your mind and you still have issues of corruption you're dealing with then the nefarious beings beyond the veil will sift you like wheat. They want to claim all the people with direct knowledge of God and influence them into the "infernal pit" of misery. So in short, not knowing that there is a God is a reality for many people... TO PROTECT YOU.

Penn and any agnostic? Protected from the storms of the opposing energy to the light of Christ because they don't know. Belief that no one can know isn't correct but it won't be until I can say with surety that I have seen God face to face that I will have much credibility, and that's not gonna happen any time soon. Pure leverage to convince someone like Penn isn't complete as a personal talking point but I certainly want to explain some of these things to him so he doesn't get caught with his pants down when it comes to an opportunity for him to display his personal intelligence.
TheTristman TheTristman
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Jan 14, 2013