Quick! Give Me A Name From Heaven!

Well I was thinking about Zooey Deschanel this afternoon. Immediately a name came to mind. Alexis!

That's a name for her that came from heaven. When I give people names in this manner it is to show that divinity is mindful of that person and its meaning has significance for them like a theme in their life for the time being or recent past. Just like any stage in her life it may best define her now but eventually a day comes where a new name will represent her path of evolution in a greater way than the one I've given her. What does it mean? Google it.

I don't own Zooey but Christ has purchased her with his blood as Paul states and divine inspiration can't be held back from the ethers of eternity from those set apart to spend time contributing to their fellow men in the best capacity they can... and the best way the Gods will tell you is to be Holy!

I get the names before I know what they mean.

Any ways I appreciate the generous feelings Zooey has let slip from her mind to mine.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Jan 14, 2013