Your Quasi 'daily' Celebrity Mind Read.

I could do this every day and do it well if it was for a decent price. I say "quasi" because it's a 'pretend daily' celebrity mind read as I don't plan to do one tomorrow or the next day.
So someone stopped by experience project yesterday, checked my channel for articles and when they saw I didn't post anything what did he or she fill in for me? "I'm not inspired" or rather they echoed something I had said in an article I wrote a few months back right back to me.

Looks like they wanted to be filled up by a good read.

The real answer is I don't feel the need to write many more articles because I'm working for free!! There's not much reason for me to write a lot for no income. I got a job lined up but it won't start for many weeks and I still need income in the interim and writing articles doesn't get me there.

So Here's to JC Chasez.

He's been infected by something! I'll let him decide what that thing is. Serum? Might as well get some that is more of the magic variety to overcome what he has picked up. Too indiscreet? Can't single people out unless it's for something purely good otherwise no one big will ever want to promote me.

JC takes issue that make the soul or body sick very seriously. Health Problems are taken quite seriously by JC.

Mariah Carey doesn't feel I'm very respectable. Disreputable? Come on Mariah, I'm sorry to have hurt your feelings.

She wanted a little boost to her energy this morning and I thought well why not get in touch? I've sent her a letter and it appears she knows who I am.

Jesus Christ? I finally got him to add something to one of my dreams! He said he's older than 80 thousand years old. He didn't want to say anything more than that. He could be a million or 8 million or 250 million years old but all he wanted to explain is that he's older than 80 thousand. Obviously not since he was embodied by Mary, but before he even took on his body!

His voice is Very soft, full, Masculine and Godlike. Did he speak like the voice of lightning or the rushing of many waters? Not really, he was just casually commenting about how old he is. I must have asked him and then woke up to it.

Bill Murry at his best when he lets out a little Rob Schneider? A person or two have called me lewd. Why? I say the truth even if it's about sex or nudity I saw while I was asleep. Why can't I just say it like it is. There are some people that don't get uncomfortable when talking about sex. Yep. Bill Murray isn't afraid to talk about ************. I want to say more about that to get a good reaction from him but I won't. I'll just say "five, right?"
I don't say this because he's a comedian I say it because he showed me on the astral plane.

NFL Network's own Alex Flanagan thinking polygamy used to be an accepted practice? This is something no one really wants to talk about but at least she thinks about the deeper issues. I guess she gets her bravery from being a fan of football. Hrm... fearlessness in a woman. That's super hot.

I only write down what I see and a lot of what I see I end up forgetting when I go back to sleep. It's not really that important unless it's a health problem now is it. Ted Danson: he's got one. Does he know what it is or does he want me to talk to his subconscious?

If I had only 5 celebrities interested enough in me doing a website about what the celebs are thinking and feeling enough to confess I'm telling the truth then I could probably do this for a small living. Make a website highlighting what they're feeling real time for the amusement of those Celebrities, their fans and anyone else interested?

I'm good enough at what I do to win the James Randi Challenge if only I had a person daring enough to want to plink out and study telepathy till mastery.
I've back-shelved this because A) Most people are afraid of it and the number one reason B) most people aren't comfortable enough about who they are to feel comfortable using it regularly. To feel comfortable creating a mental "channel" between you and another person you've got to be super comfortable with yourself and the other person you want to talk to. And channel? Just think of a psychic chat room, wireless just between you and the person you want to speak to.

Zooey Deschanel interested? Remember if you win the James Randi challenge with telepathy you'll be labeled as a super freak the rest of your life.

Telepathy is just something that is the natural evolution of the human mind but it's not important to anyone until they're ready to worship more what they feel than what they see... literally.

If you try to use your own version of "telepathy" on me remember I won't respond to it for the time being. I'm not "deaf"... this is only because I prefer to get a person to materialize physical contact for the moment because I'm broke and will be for about another 6 weeks. This means I don't even want to write letters because a book of stamps 8 bucks that I don't really have and I'm not interested in gambling on that magic celebrity that will come forward and open and opportunity for me.

Most of the celebrities that are aware of what I do don't want to help and they confess why. It's either they're bird "cheap" or Kentucky fried chicken. Yummy... I love KFC being that I really don't have the money to buy it. I know it's not that healthy but when you're living on scraps then the prospect of eating like 3000 calories in one meal is like the same as lifting a gigantic 50 pound gold nugget out of the ground.

If I had a website to do this I wouldn't single out any of the celebrities for anything notorious. Should I ignore the celebs that might be inclined to want to do things that are notorious? I'll do my best but I get tempted to single out people that don't want to be on good terms. Tom Welling? Awww... name dropping... opps.

Why don't people want to employ me to see what I can do? I can use my sword of discernment to breakdown any family member or sports teammate down to their inner fiber. All the greatest at anything learn to fine-tune and throw out their weaknesses. Some people still let a weakness or two linger and I can see them.

So I'll end on a Final note. Brock Lesnar. He doesn't really want to fight anyone. It just takes too much energy when he could be doing what he likes more: having fun. I concur. He's a massive log twirling strong man but having fun doing something he enjoys is the smarter reward than thinking about sting of the octagon.
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Jan 16, 2013