Oh No, I Lost Zooey

Well it's a common tragedy for me, losing the support of people that used to at least take a little interest in what I've done. I don't want to send the message that I fail someone before meeting them but a point I want to make is that our thoughts, desires and actions all need to line up. A good person does the right thing, even if their thoughts or emotions contradict what the right thing is.

There is a disease going on out there that causes many good people to become desensitized from their divine origins.

I don't think Zooey has it.

"Talk to someone that cares" was what I heard as I found myself watching her doodle on a piece of paper.

So let's break it down. On face value the statement looks bleak. On the other side of the coin this may simply mean she cares and wants me to talk to her or hopes I find someone who does care and talk to them. About what? About life? About the things I study? So a suggestion or scornful words? I only suggest to keep things positive when it comes to the dream-state and telepathy. Unless you see deep evidence of ill-will towards you make sure not to implode about what you hear there.

After hearing this communication and thinking the words are worth their face value I thought of Donny Osmond, a man I was grateful for for being so polite and kind to some of the most hated and scorned in Hollywood, the Paparazzi. Sometimes we can draw a little dose of comfort from the example of a nice person. Well back to earth and do not fear, Bruce! Gotta think positively. Perhaps the alternative meaning was what was in her heart!!

At any rate I'm hoping to stay on good terms with Zooey even if it's just on the astral plane... lol. I've never met her, obviously.

Not much later I heard her say "there are rules to telepathy".

So she prefers an honor system, I suppose. On the other side of the coin their is indeed protocol to telepathy--or rather your energy field will prioritize messages and not overwhelm you during a day. Although your energy field probably records all messages sent to you your energy field won't let anything but important messages into your conscious mind. Literal telepathy? People consciously projecting thoughts? If you feel comfortable with someone projecting messages to you and you are in their "channel" or "telepathy bubble" you can feel their words.

Like a chat room you can pay attention to what a person projects to you. minimize the screen and you'll never know. Don't pressure yourself to want to hear messages you're not comfortable with. A smarter person will pick up a telephone to talk to you. I'm not an expert, I've only experienced a few times when people project conscious messages and often I only get parts of them. I prefer to let my spirit handle what it lets through with the belief that what comes through is important. I only get a few telepathic messages a day. Some will help me make 1 decision over another, some are like riddles that mean more than their face value and some encourage me to pray for an individual.

Zooey likes to doodle. Dave Chappelle Also. At least on the astral plane baby!

I saw Zooey doodling in a dream before anything else I discussed in this article. It wasn't Particularly profound... It was kind of silly doodling.

Speaking of me she wrote:
Mr S...

Then I watched her finish the doodle, some letters noticably smaller than others (like Dr)

Mr (then a small Dr between Mr and the next word) Shame


The subconscious gives values to words that don't mean anything. I didn't see "doughty", I saw "daughty".

What did it mean?

She thinks I'm somewhat a doctor of shame and daughty? Not quite sure about that.

Dave chappelle? He wrote something on his doodle pad also. It was pretty funny. He mispelled something whether because he was trippin' or because he forgot how to spell it... I'm not sure. I didn't write down the word so I forgot it. it should have been spell _ _ _ i m _ _ _ but he switched the i and m. Almost like the word "Simple" spelt "Smiple", I just neglected to write it down.

What was the metaphor he was trying to communicate? I think he just likes to keep things dumbed down a bit for its value in humor. I can feel that and I like that kind of humor.

Ok I failed 2 of Zooey's riddles at first and then fixed the article. The Doodle appears to just show what she was feeling or was expecting to feel about me.

The things I see while dreaming or hear while meditating are things people want to tell me, knowing that I'll do, say or write something about it for their growth or as an opportunity to teach more about the metaphysical.

What people don't realize is if you don't grow you remain earth bound.

So grow to get off the earth! Teleportation, command of the elements, flying, invinsibility, materializing elements from the ethers of eternity, regenerative healings, invisibility, and telekinesis are just a few of the things God can do. Evolve yourself well enough to qualify for a better sphere of existence. People that believe in reincarnation might be right and if they are then you get to keep coming down to the same place, never learning your lesson. Repeating on a world with our technology is one thing, repeating in the early 1900s in some parts of this country is one type of hell, as a slave in some places is another type of hell but the whole point is being in a cold place is just that... a cold place. If you're not exceedingly wealthy it sounds silly to be born poor and have to make something from nothing over and over again.

I say become a mountain of a being so that you can chose either... to stay on this planet in many places that seem God forsaken or to graduate from this telestial sphere and be able to do whatever you want whenever you want. Explore, teleport, treasure hunt, study some kind of science or performing art, spend time with other spirit kin... etc etc etc.

All I can say is that being dependant on people and companies for my survival is an endless hell. I have to pay for insurance, gas and electric, water, transportation and food. I'd like to have to only pay a fixed cost for a vehicle to transport me, pay money for food and not pay for anything else. People who don't cause accidents don't need insurance. God can re-materialize a crashed vehicle back to its original form. A guy that can fix anything at will has no need for insurance so it's wasted money. Payment is important for the things we treasure because if we made no payment in effort for that thing then it wouldn't mean much to us but for power to do work I don't want to pay for that, it should just be something I can have just like any other life form under the sun.

I like to reserve the right to do any and all kinds of work. Treasure hunt by lifting massive piles of earth up and then put them back after I'm finished? No problem. Travel anywhere whenever I want? No problem. I just hate paying upkeep costs for anything other than food and the fixed cost of shelter and other luxuries like an Oven or Fridge or television.

So I hope Zooey evolves. I can remove any of these articles per the request of the person I mention.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Jan 17, 2013