Thomas Monson Oracle Of God?

It appears so. I had a healthy dream about it.

Unfortunately I talked to 2 dead men before I spoke to Thomas about it.

James E Faust, former apostle of the Lord appeared first among many other dead men in my dream this morning.

"He kills me" he said. I said back to him "I think you die of natural causes"

Was there time in the place I found myself?

I wanted a voice in the presidency to confirm what I knew i was here on earth to do.

I saw Eyring sitting closely.

"Will you talk to the father about this for me?"

I then shook his hand. He just about died as I shook it, troubled him I'd ask for such a thing. I turned to the left and met Thomas S Monson. I took his hand in mine and asked him the same question. He was kneeling before me.

"Will you talk to the father about this for me?"

"It's is obvious, Bruce that you are".

He didn't fall apart as he spoke to me. He was able to take it where Eyring was not.

I made a prediction about Eyring and sent it in a letter to Thomas Monson, a few months back. I won't go over the details.

Eyring. Is he dead or did I nearly kill him?

Note the time. The truth can shock even the best of the best to the core.

When Thomas Responded he spoke in the voice just like the "Southern Oracle" in Never ending story.

He knows he's the real deal and now he knows I am.

Does Val-halla exist? I felt like the place I traveled in my dream to greet these 3 people was just that with a twist: The Hall of the dead but righteous men. Hall of the "Gods".
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Jan 19, 2013