"you Gotta Compete!!"

This is Justin Timberlake's feelings about anything. If I were to wager on it I'd expect he thinks that a man must complete for a position as a great prophet.

I hope he doesn't think this for a couple of reasons. Here is why: There is a great dearth of men able and willing to fill that role.

#2 this earth has only seen a small number of men that qualify for positions that people like Moses or Abraham or Enoch or Methuselah or Melchizedek qualify for.

This isn't because they were just willing to do work. It's not because they're obedient. It's usually because they care and realize they have a little more fine tuning before they become perfect.

Any of the top prophets will tell you it's implied that they be obedient and willing to do the work of the Lord, whatever he has for them.

It'd be a great thing to watch Justin succeed at becoming a Holy man. In fact, I'd support him every step of the way.

A wise man knows there is protocol for representing God, there's rules to abide by to have success as a divine being.

When acting in that capacity a man must walk the straight and narrow in order to have much success. If he thinks he can represent God and go out on a corruption spree then he has no mind.

At any rate all God's words will be fulfilled. It becomes solely illogical for someone that has foreknowledge of his life call to not rise up and complete the call his has been listed too, especially if God himself gives him direct knowledge of it.

Who do you know from the bible or other book of scripture that knew of his foreordained mission and didn't do it? You might argue "Jonah". Jonah probably didn't want to go teach at Ninevah because he knew the folks over there would come over and "destroy" Jerusalem at a future time and didn't want to spend time on them. Could be wrong but he was successful at preaching and convincing the people so he was obviously doing things right.

Once you know you have a high commission the only thing that stands between you and success is the knowledge needed to manifest divine power.

People who misuse the sex power can't summon any real divine power. Any wise or Holy man knows this so he doesn't want to risk such a decision to lose power to manifest divine ability. It could take many days to recover and he'll be unable to get any work done that time so investment in such a choice has such a deep and toxic effect. No one that isn't comfortable with their ability to govern their own procreative choices is going to be ready to part the Red Sea or stop the mouths of Lions or anything else that requires that extra umph some of the greats we have known prepared themselves for.

At any rate healing takes time, both mentally and spiritually. It takes effort and wisdom for some of us to even learn that life is primarily about having fun and the work God wants to summon has to do with the statements he wants to make upon his own planet.

If he wants to prove to people he has command over the elements, that he can tell the earth to stop rotating and gravity remains just the same as before it stopped rotating, he'll do it according to his will and pleasure.

He uses his power to evolve people. It's no requirement for any man to really respect him, care that he exists or do much for him to reserve a place on this planet. To summon his respect and attention, he has to do both. Everyone has to act as an independent investigator of his existence and no one will meet him unless they fully prepare for it. This means they're ready to see him in his full Glory, and that takes a lot of preparation.

So to be called to a high calling means one must prepare. It's illogical not to prepare and put for sufficient effort to become willing to head God's commands.

To keep things unstressed, all a rebellious man needs to do to prepare to obey God is first take his commands as suggestions until he can execute out of the goodness of his heart. If you don't want to keep the commandments then you'll get more stressed out if you pressure yourself to do something you don't want to do.

For some of us to make progress we won't get anywhere if we pressure ourselves to do stuff we just can't do for the right reasons. How does a person want to keep the command that he's always hated? Through study and perseverance. Figure out your hang ups and then figure out how to progress past them.

At any rate the main point I wanted to make was that my ticket to get off this planet is to be a great man of God, and I want to keep making progress until I get there.

To not make progress is to chose to be earth bound. I don't want to be earth bound. Life is fun and the earth can be great but to be earth bound means I can't teleport, fly, use telekinesis and a whole gamete of other powers reserved for people that take God seriously. It's not like these are incentives to make myself look good, they're incentives to get work done. If I wanted to mine a large plot of land by myself and build equipment from scratch, telekinesis would come seriously in handy if I wanted to move big chunks of earth.

Being able to go anywhere I want to go when I want to is another thing that can come in handy. I like to travel in small ways, go on a journey, or go for a fun ride just as anyone else but I know if I don't prepare to get some work directly from his hands then I'm risking I remain earthbound and unable to summon extra power when I want to do a project like building a home, a lavish building or something else that I reckon Immortal people do to enjoy their experiences in eternity.

So in total I must prepare.

I don't see how Justin thinks he can compete in what I'm specialized for. Is his endowment of power sufficient enough to do the work that is my birthright? Absolutely not. How do I know? I'm Seer.

People compete because they've become addicted to it yet an honest man does his best in everything he does because he enjoys offering his fellow men the best product he's capable of producing day in and day out baring he has the time to produce his best product.

All I know if you can't see the same things I can then you're not endowed with the same measure of power.

At any rate don't let anyone brainwash you into thinking you must compete like earthbound creatures do. When did Jesus ever compete? There is no evidence of this in the scriptures. You can't compete with a God on intellectual matters any ways and in terms of heart, no one has come to earth with a greater one.

Good luck to you in your niche at life. Competition is important as a means to keep people honest. Once a man has evolved his intelligence enough then he realizes there's no greater effort than covering all the bases. Time constraints can add a new dynamic but exploring the right rhythm to do something at is all you need to realize.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Jan 21, 2013