"we're gonna check"

Whose gonna check?

A few Well-knowns like to remain cloaked under the guise that I don't know and don't tell they take interest in checking what i write on this site. I don't like to single them out but here is one, hangman style: A _ _ R _ _ _ _ y.

At any rate I'm seer. I get freebies that come like dew from Heaven but I don't want to single people out or exploit them.

I'll apologize to Justin Timberlake. I've been pretty hard on him, citing he needed to be a better man to help develop Jessica to a better performance and that he just hadn't developed his energy field to generate the type of energy good enough to gain my support.

I tell it like it is because I see the dimensions of the spiritual development of people just as the Doctor ordered, like a Champion.

This doesn't make me great, it just means I have a tool to see the finer details ever so much similar as an astronomer with his telescope versus a person who attempts to see the same thing with only his naked eyes.

I see details other people don't see. One person may love to focus on trivia most, another on football strategy, another on math, another on God and another on creativity. They discover their niche in life and spend great time focusing their life and mental energies to reap the rewards that come from mastery.

My intelligence and mental focus is tangled in mastery of all things unseen. To get to real pay dirt here it takes immense study and I can't claim mastery until I can materialize all the things that masters throughout the ages have.

I suppose I shouldn't claim authority to explain what one person is thinking or feeling for them for the simple reason that who is the leading authority of you other than you? No one! I get into trouble when I talk about what people feel and think because they likely hold those things as sacred as anything they prefer to keep a mystery.

So this is another thing I have to avoid. I'm all out of options except to people that want me to confirm what I can do.

Read your mind?

There are people that want me to call or make contact with them. Others that want me to read the minds of a well-known if only for a little entertainment.

Until they materialize personal contact in the form of a message or other contact point I'm inclined to allow them to keep their thoughts to themselves.

The next step for me is to discover a niche that can actually entertain people. Mind reading? Like in meditation? Not really. How about real-time as I walk down the street? That would be something else. Could I do it if the price was right? It'd take time and study. The difficult thing is I lack the ability to do it more than about 15 minutes without falling asleep or draining my energy.

At any rate I'll be waiting... waiting to see if anyone will take me up on anything I've claimed that isn't common.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Jan 23, 2013