Symbolism: Encryption Of The Gods


"Shut your Gob, ya old Bag!"

My friend Daniel Kirk 'D'Glease' from Morecambe relayed a story to me and Rodney Ranzenberger when we were there in England about 10 years ago.

The guy didn't "Pop off" as they say, he just complained one too many times in a way this old woman couldn't seem to empathize with, resulting in these words. Daniel found it so amusing that he had to relay the story to us, he being our next door neighbor during our stay in Morecambe.

England is a whole different world, despite being the "Mother" country. English settlers gave us our language and first government. Divinely inspired?

It was obviously the birth right of our English ancestors to implant their language and heritage upon the new world, even if their intentions were largely empirical at the time they took claim of the original territory that became the first 13 colonies.

How was this birthright conceived? Intelligence. The more intelligent nation was able to obtain enough land and throw together the greater success in the new world.

And the new land was given to them as he favored them over the native Americans. There is only one book of inspired writing I know that explains this from the perspective of a man called of God like Paul or John the Revelator.

Remember my original reference to "old bag"? It's a common saying. Where did it come from? The Bible! And another common saying from the English is "old goat", also from the Bible. England is quite a religious country at its roots although many people don't care to "find God" in their life there and nearly everywhere else in the world.

Old Bag? it started from a parable that came straight out the mouth of Jesus Christ. Wine in Old Bags? Wine used to be put inside animal skin containers back in those days called "bags". Once a bag got too old it'd be thrown out with the simple realization that it is torn or a lot more vulnerable to breakage.

Humans disregard things that have been used, damaged, or broken.. obviously. If you're an old bag... ouch!

Goat? Not a sheep. Sheep are Christs and Goats aren't. Goats aren't part of a Shepherd's flock. Genetically they're almost the same animal except one is wild and the other isn't.

Symbolism. The English can't seem to pass up an opportunity to employ it.

At any rate speaking of the English let's give a shout out to Christian Bale!

His mind touched mine today as I was riding around in a... I'm too embarrassed to say. Once I get a new vehicle I won't be quite so down-trodden although taking a break from the drivers seat can actually be quite enjoyable.

hrm Gummy Worms. It appears Christian Bale likes to have a good snack with him when he's out and about on vacation, even if he doesn't feel like eating. Something sweet, right?

So back to another "any rate"...

The most intelligent encrypt communication in symbolism. Some symbolism may have a near infinite number of meanings, or at least a layer or two.

For example, you're dreaming and someone you know says: "talk to someone who cares". You might interpret it as face value as if the person doesn't care and is scorning you.. or you might take it as advice, straight from her subconscious. Find someone who can help you! She believes there is someone that cares and it's just a matter of time before you find someone to help you with whatever concern or issue you have.

Or another example. You're sleeping and some unknown person says in a voice you think to almost be sexy "I'm black". You can draw any number of conclusions. If you're single and think it's just some inspired person trying to pick up on you, identifying their skin color to prepare for your "inspired romance" when all that they were really trying to communicate was that they've been sinking into a number of "black activities" or those that feed their "black side". "I'm black" may be a heads up to help you to consider someone in your life feels they have some "black" things to change.

When you hear things while sleeping the more likely meaning to what you hear usually has most to do with preparatory wisdom than predatory self-interest.

Some of us get distracted by thinking weird thinks like everything exists only for my satisfaction.

The more you study the more you realize that wisdom is a thing given to us to help us stay on top of our "game".

Top top it off the most intelligent of us symbolism to mask our true feelings.

For one person he might use the astral plane to show himself smoking a cigarette. The fanatic sees him and thinks he literally smokes and is so fanatic that he shuns him in his life.

The man doesn't smoke, he is just letting the onlooker see that he is sexy and feeling it.

Holy Smoke? Holiness is sexy... that is at least to the Gods. Become such and you might enjoy the companionship of a spouse who is truly Godlike as a consequence.

I only want you as close as is healthy for me. If you have a large heart then get a little closer!

Afterall, it is a small world afterall. Daniel Kirk (as mentioned above) had a friend from the house of Windsor that I ate at least 1 meal with. His name is ______ William Windsor.

The line between a commoner and nobility is only 1 body away: In God's view it is the distance a person has from having a "soul" and not having one.
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Jan 23, 2013