Enoch Vs Brad Pitt

*unedited* Enoch was one of the best men of faith in the history of this planet that inspired great people to better performances.

As I sat at my computer last night I kept feeling 1963 moment after moment.

I couldn't figure out why. This morning both Michael Jordan and Brad Pitt came to me. Michael Jordan appeared just wanted to know how I felt about him. All I remember is explaining he looked really good out on the court.

Brad Pitt had some different ideas. He was more interesting in finishing his quest for an academy award.

Both were born in 1963. Here's Brad's opportunity to consider how I can 'ground' him into the intellect that will get him that academy award the next good production he's involved with.

The reason a great seer knows how to mold you is because he's shaped and molded people for much longer than his age will allude to.

Although both Michael and Brad were born in 1963 I am Legions of years older than either. I'm older than virtually any mortal on this planet.

How do I know this? I've Studied and found that there is a birth order of spirits, there is no substitute for experience and a complete being has a full endowment of faith and power and uses them for good. Jesus's faith is sufficient to move mountains.

Brad has enough faith to consider my proposal. To take it he must ground himself in enough humility to consider my claim. Consider the reality that his experience and what he's learned is all just building blocks for his personal quest for completion.

Why be complete? It's helpful if you want to be a winner. Jesus Christ was billed as "the mighty one of Israel" before he was even born. He proved his might in some form prior to being born. If it wasn't so then how else could he qualify to be the savior.

Any ways this is Brad's opportunity to enjoy being a winner as I was inspired from heaven sent intel.

"Ain't no one else" is confident enough in their knowledge of the metaphysical to be doing what I am and 'money' talks.

To anyone that wants to raise their performance "I am money".

Hugh Jackman explained to me last night (on the astral plane) that his family taught him the importance of performance and the key to have a job is based on performing well enough. It appears this was a revelation that went back at least 2 generations.

So the 'Apocalypse' of eternity is to understand that the game we're playing in life is to experience joy, excitement, fun and the like but our technology is too weak so many of have to spend lots of time laboring doing things we're not particularly fond of. It is the cost any civilization has to pay to lay foundation, build upon and then enjoy having hours upon hours performing, enjoying, building things we actually want to build, exploring and flexing our other abilities as often as we decide to.

I want to be the Henry ford of Robotics, making it cheap for everyone to have a work bot for their house so everyone can afford to work on the stuff that most interests them rather than having to clean up and perform other tasks that eat up the time they could be spending enjoying something a lot more entertaining or rewarding.

"Work hard, play harder" appeal to anyone?

At any rate Enoch was a man of great faith, a little slow of speech, 'Captain' of his own civilization of super enlightened people and he couldn't have done it without the experiences God helped him to put together.

I don't know how old Jesus Christ is. He gave me a hint once: He's older than 40,000 years old. Even if this is just a cheap suggestion I suppose any of us have to have more than 40,000 years of experience to become complete like he is.

God will provide enough opportunities for me to become complete in this life time.

Any one you meet has at least a few years or close to 40,000 years of experience or more at this game we call life.

A true master knows how to get the best out of his peers simply through inspiration.

For Brad I'd just ask him to make one phone call and I'll put a formula together for him to be an easy win for an academy award, he'll just need to do his part to chose a script that has a story and message that's hot enough to get the attention of the academy

I could even write it for him.

Of course I'd do it all for free. Brad's at a stage in his life where he contemplates it's larger purposes and what he can do to truly be great.

Any one in Hollywood who's name is associated with mine due to sincere friendship will be given a much closer look than those too timid to accept what I know and what I can bring to their table.

Up to this point in the last 100 years the gospel of Jesus Christ hasn't looked too hot for most people and I will make it hot for many. I'll work hand in hand to make its image greater than any the world has known in the last 200 years.

People will understand that Jesus simply creates winners (even out of weak origins) out of sheer intelligence. Follow him and he will teach you what you need to integrate into your mind to create that performance of a life time, become great at whatever your pleasure is and have a lot to celebrate with as a result.

So brad, watch me ground you into the source field, break down your intellect to it's most basic level and to it properly I must lead by example.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Oct 5, 2013