Finding Our Happiness?!

-- Im sorry for the grammar but i tped this really fast and obviously mi y doesnt want to work sometimes, so i put the letter "i" in to substitute! Please read :)

Ok where do i even start? To make a loooong short?! I was in a 2 year relationship at the time, going to college--working-- I lived in Louisiana when this whole thing went *BANG*, I am now up in Washington State. The cookie crumbled after being the first man ive loved so far pretty much drop kicked me in the heart. him and (at the time) mi best friend started secretly seeing each other, she moved in..i moved out. Blah Blah you get the heartbreak in that. I have children included, which isn't his..both m sons belong to mi ex husband and yes yes i was married before. young, got pregnant out of highschool. That whole mix. But lets continue to the now and time that I need help collecting all the advice on and the very reason why i am typing this collage of goodness. So the ex boyfriend and I split AUG 2012, mi best friend Sam is stationed up here in Washington on the air force base, grew up with me in Louisiana...she knew i was going through a lot and knew i wasn't taking it very well so she offered for me to come visit. I did. Fell in love with the place and transferred colleges, jumped right into a town i knew was far away from him and closer to what i thought would help me find mi happy medium. And again I did leave mi children with their father. He agreed that i should take a few months to find me and see the world a bit...i went into such a deep depression i felt as if i couldn't be the mother they needed at the time. What was I thinking then?! Onto the end of mi point. ole Sam n i got an apartment on campus with another room mate...that of all odds, we clash heads with. Since i have been up here i worked a seasonal job, made new friends, and have grown to love myself again. This is mi last week at the job and mi heart is being ripped apart being away from m children. Its killing me being away. Im seriously broke and I'm in no means giving up easy! I have done so much praying and asking for a lead way. a family member called two days ago with a booking agent job at a huge entertainment corp...40hrs, benefits, and the whole works in Alabama, just a few hours away from home. Its a done deal with a be with mi kids again, have a job, and began again. Thing is...I have a lease signed til June here in washington, mi roommate is the worse, and i dont know which way to go? I just want to go home? but if everything doesnt work, i know i can be a strong woman and work n go to college here until lease is up. Anyone have any advice or suggestions?! Please?!
EAnn88 EAnn88
22-25, F
Jan 18, 2013