Keeps Coming Back

In my life I have gne through a lot, small crisis that just happen and other I create by mistake. I can't really say all, but I experienced my parents divorce, almost losing close friends an family, love crisis, family problems, problems at school, overcontroling sins, overwhelming selconscience, etc. It just keeps going on. I remember that I once fell into a deep depression it affected everyone I loved the most, but luckily I could get out of it. Then in the years that have past I beeing controled by my negativity not caring about things at all just catched up with me. My emotions are out of control, I'm happy but suddenly get depressed I just don't know why.  Even my friends tried making me feel better,I have but then I get upset again. Maybe I need more help.

AngelsReflection AngelsReflection
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Aww thank u big brother :) Ur so sweet StrikerFreeze, as always ^^

I'm here for you sis. I've been through similar events. Just differently handled.