Forget The 'I' In You An You Will Become 'ME'

These are the great words told by lord Krishna in Bhagavat Gita. Till very recently I had no clue what he was trying to tell, but still I was a divotee of Sri Krishna. When I realised the meaning it stuck me so hard that I knew we human beings are not here not just to take birth work an die. In this materialistic world we have long forgotton the value of relation ship, trust, helping an sharing, which was same even in in my case till last night. In the above words god has told, when you work for other with selflessnes or give up your ego , find your happiness in others smile then you are the God. Last night I on my wat to a party an I saw this old women a small baby in her hand crying an begging for food, I felt so very bad an gave them the money I had an dropped them at a place where they take care of the homeless ppl, when I was about to leave she told ' I was so worried about my baby I had decided to jump in front of a train an die, you have given us hope for tomorrow. You saved us, you are our god an will be remembered' I couldn't stop my tears even now the happiness I felt could not be replaced by anything. I want everybody to do something that makes others happy you will feel the worth of living :) so long.
Memories :)
Manuz Manuz
26-30, M
1 Response Feb 22, 2013

it's very apprieciable thing you had done . hatsoff !