Hi ty u everyone this is my story.my late husband died 5 months ago my 3rd husband my daughter always came home and said Marcus said hi wifey he has been wanting me for years.when he did come to my home I'm like ok cause I always blew him off we had sex for me it was 4years so I was ready lol he was just there I just turned 39 he will be turning 25 I've been threw a lot with my kids and everything I'm still here to tell my story ok like I said we went for awhile and it was awsome but the next day I was in the error having emergency surgery from the sex. He was with me the stay. He said he wasn't leaving my side.I was like ok he never left we have had r ups and downs I'm a very jealous lady I got a hot sex Catholic cool he kept talking about having a baby more then anything so I told him to go find a young woman he can have one with he told me he wants to adopt children he just wanted to be with me I was like ok.we've been threw a lot in 4 months he remembers everything the we met he he stopped and picked roses for us being ill say around each other.he was so happy to give them to me I was like aww I really do luv him but he acts really weird I fell in love with him he is a very interesting person that's y I think I fell for him hard.we dated off and on but he always wants me to cuddle with him if I don't he is different he told me were single but he acts like my lover.I told him I can't keep acting like it's good I told him it hurts to much to do this so I told him I was done dropped him off at his friends I told him don't contact me.two hours later he calls me I said so this means I'm ur gf he he told me I was always his and asked me if I will be his wife I said yes it was for a little while then it happened again we weren't a couple but it was everything but that.I am stressing over the fact how he gets mad over me asking him questions.I can't do this anymore I told him last night I won't interrupt him but I really need to know his feelings about me is he won't talk to me about it I don't ask him for nothing all I wanted to know so I can move on with me and it hurts bad.but I can't take it.I don't judge him. Really the only one in his life that loves him. I always tell him he can do whatever he puts his mind to keep praying like u did for me like he said I didn't give up I knew I would have u some day so I tell him don't give up be possessive cause I can't deal with the negative stuff all the time.so I wanted to know what r we doing I plz really need to know he said he didn't want to talk about it.he got on the web pulled something up online and I started reading it it was like reading about him more I read the more it made sence he has aspi but it relieved me to know what was going on no matter what happens I luv him he's a good man luv u.babe u r so worth working with thks to this site ty for letting me tell u my story And my pain I would like to hear it story­čś│
happyandconfussed happyandconfussed
41-45, F
Aug 22, 2014