Some Birthday "Mush Mush" for Ediez!

Damn this story sounds like I'm stutterin'....duh...
Sooooooo, this is for the young woman who turns 31 on the 31st..Not only is your birthday special because, well - its YOUR birthday, its because hopefully you will become aware of the impact you have on other's lives.
Vivi, my dear, sweet friend, I a d o r e you (and no you pervs, not in a lesbo way - put it back in your pants for ***** sake) to pieces. You and I stumbled upon each other in the most oddball of circumstances. It has been wonderful to see our friendship grow..
Thank you for the bitching and venting sessions, for making me laugh when I really did not feel like it, for helping pick me off the ground when I would rather have stayed there, for listening when you had other things going on, for laughing at my stupid jokes - all of it...thank you.
I am blessed and so very fortunate to have you as my dearest friend in this ****** up place we love to hate, EP..
You are the best
Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and a wonderful, amazing year ahead! you,
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Ediez is a good her to pieces :)

I have seen her name around a lot before. I'm sure she is! :)

look, anyone who can put up with me as long as she has.....*standing ovation*
Nuff said lol ;) that's hard to do!

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How the hell is anyone gonna top this?!<br />
<br />
No ...This is awesome! *wipes tears*

Mellyyyyyyyyyyy <3 im gonna get all sappy and sentimental now. Thank you. love to bits

oh good!
my work here is done :)