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Well Sarah, that was a fantastic meal and thanks for inviting us around to celebrate your husbands birthday, let us help you clear the table. Dessert ? Well yes we would like dessert, that is why we are clearing the table. Yes i know you don't usually clear the table untill after dessert. No you don't understand, you see, you are going to be the dessert. Don't laugh, i mean it. No, i'm not leaving untill I,ve had my dessert and nor is anyone else. No your husband won't make us go either, he wants to see his birthday present. . . You do want to see your birthday present don't you Dave ?   What do you mean you have changed your mind ?       Well that's too bad cus we are having our dessert anyway.
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Now, do you want me to pull your panties down, or will you do it yourself....What? OK! I think Dave's right! It's his present, so go ahead, pull them down with your teeth as we watch and zip down our canned sausage. Awh, yeah, good Dave, slowly, we want to take pics, so you can post them at your facebook for every one to see how fun it is to come celebrate birthdays in your house...Oh Sarah, you're so creamy...Are you planning to give your Dave some whipping cream later? Well, with all our cream we will stuff in your sweet pie, Dave will have an overdose tonight. Doug, do you have that Prince's song "Cream" in your Iphone? All right, bring it on....We'll bang Sarah to the beat of the song, each one of us four will penetrate that creamy pie for as long as the song that, Dave?

Thank you Tabbeata, think she will get a lot of "Cream" before the night is over.

You're too beautiful and too sexy for us to just forget about your present. Don't try and run sweetheart, that's it Dave hold on to her while the women clear the table. You watched helplessly while the three women cleared the table until only the white linen cloth was left on the table. The women reentered the room and told thier three husbands to get you ready. The three men smiled and with the help of the two single guys who were there they easiley held your husband in his chair a the head of the table. Two of the women came over and while their husbands held your arms straight out from your sides the women quickly undid the buttons of you blouse and pulled it off. Your little skirt was next, falling to the floor around your ankles another woman giggled and pulled your panties down to your ankles in one motion. An instant later one of the single men was on his knees behind you kissing your bare *** and he quickly reached down, removed your high heels, skirt and panties leaving you bottomless and standing in front of all your guests in just your bra! You blushed now that everyone in the room, three wives and five men including your husband stared at your wet naked *****. Seconds later the man behind you reached up and unhooked your bra and it was quickly pulled off by the men holding your arms. Blushing even more you struggled against the men holding your arms wide and your bare 36D **** jiggled as everyone laughed and admired you now that you were totally nude in front of everyone! The two men holding your arms quickly man handled you up and placed you nude on the white table with your head toward your husband who had now been tied securely to his chair! You felt the men pulling you around on the table, some holding your legs, others pulling your arms up over your head toward your husband then your wrists were quickly tied together and your arms stretched straight out and secured to the arms of your husbands chair. Now more laughter and cries of admiration, "nice **** honey, look at her *****, she's getting wet" as two of the women helped their husbands pull your legs wide apart, knees bent and your ankles were tied wide apart on each side of the table. You laid there helpless and spread open knowing your friends, both male and female were going to play with you, fondle you and probably **** you silly before the evening was over!. You look very sexy Sarah said Bob whose wife had just reached out and began gently feeling your right breast, running her fingers over your nipple causing you to moan and wiggle against the ropes holding you on the table nude in front of everyone. Everything became a blur as Donna leaned over the other side of the table and began to lick and suck on your left breast while you watched Bob lower his head and plant a long kiss right on your hairy *****. Bob's kiss lingered and you felt his tongue seperate your dark curly ***** hair and his tongue began working up and down your slit! How do you like dessert Bob one of the other husbands called out! The two women had been pulled aside and the two younger single men were now sucking and gently mauling both of your ****! I'll leave the finish to others!!

Thanks Warrior, some good ideas, yhanks for helping.

Should be ; ; ; thanks for helping.