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When a Lover Will Not Leave U Alone...

i was with my boyfriend for 16 years and he was good to me but he never married me and he cheated but when i had cancer he was there for me and i thank him for that.. now i have fallen in love with my best friend of 27 years and we are together and we are in love .. we actucally was holding back our feelings and never told each other how we feel..for the first time in my life i know how it really feels to be in love, even though he's not with me everyday ( long distance relationship)he still makes me happy, he satisfies me....totally i'm in love, he knows me, now that i'm happy here comes my ex, hes married with a child telling me that will be the worst mistake of my life..if i leave him alone yes he wants to cheat on his wife with me .. i told him no.. why we can only be friends.. but he will not take no for the answer.. i plan to change my number and be happy because i will never hurt my best friend and my future husband.. i love him.. too much to hurt him... the funny thing as i sit and type this he keeps calling my house i guess i will have to change my number to get rid of him.. also did i mention that he was deported...yeah.. i just want him out of my life he has married someone  else and now he so selfish he seem to think i will be with him.. if he did n ot want her than why did you marry her.. he did not think about marrying me.. so now he wants to cheat on his wife with me..oh did i tell you i know his wife and she knows me.. yeah this story is compliatcated and i do not want to be in this.. i just want him to leave me i can be happy, yeah he knows my best friend and my best friend knows his wife..yeah.. if i had the time to type this all down it would be a best seller yeah i'm not going to talk to him no more i just want him to leave me alone.. hes calling again.. for his homeland...the west i will tell you more later....

happylady happylady 36-40, F Jan 1, 2009

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