SAINT Pattys Day Game For You

Today im feeling a bit goofy so i thought we could all play a game together if you are interested here is how it goes. 

Today is Saint pattys day and i thought we would have a strictly green day.  Lets just see how much in this world relates to the color green and see how creative we all can be in this matter.  Your answer doesnt have to relate only to the holiday itself it can be anything you know that relates to green.  this can go in any direction and when we are done we all will see the color green in a different light, and we can find out just how many things in this life and our world around us that we rarely acknowledge relate to this color.

Ill go ahead and start now i will say that im color blind so i dont see green but i have been conditioned to know what is green so i can help a little lol.

Ill start and Ill say that my first green answer would be  " Kermit the Frog "

wanna play with me ??


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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

leaves in summer

the green eyed monster