I Am Who I Am!!

i always get told im too nice, but i dont care!! people always try to tell me that i'll get taken advantage of, if i stay this nice!! but i dont care!!! im quiet, im shy, and a very sensitive introverted individual, but i like who i am, and i dont see why i should have to change for anyone, cos this is my life, not anyone else's, and the only way i can be happy is by being true to myself, and living my life the way i want to live it!!! slight changes might have to be made to better myself in life, but i will never change myself as a person, and i will always stay true to myself!!
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36-40, M
5 Responses Aug 9, 2010

thank you *neurotic2010*!!

good for you! you shouldn't change because you are great :)

thanks for commenting guys!! i will consider volunteering and so on *sunsetglow*!!!<br />
and that saying is so very true *Littlebrownbat*

I'm glad to hear you being positive about yourself. If you're happy, you shouldn't change for anyone. The only person worth changing for is your! I love the saying To Thine Own Self Be True... it's well... true!

We're just the same, I'm quiet and shy too, and people mistook me as a bad person. Yet I just ignore them, no one can label you. And we have thoughts, people just can't say that you're being taken advantage of. Heck you have a feeling, a smart mind, you know when to back off and when not to. Honey, just ignore those people who judge you, you have faily and friends who know you more than those people. Also, try joining orgs or volunteer for a cause, it'll help your self-esteem and maybe, it'll make you try things you never thought of trying. ^^ **good things