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Instagram is a web-based photo sharing program. It is totally free of cost. It is a social network and was launched in the later part of 2010. This is a useful tool for internet users as the programs makes the users to able them to click the photo and edited online by using simple tools and then uploads it on to the website and then he or she is able to share it on Internet with his loved ones. The other Instagram users are also known as Instagram Followers. They all have equal rights as a user of the website such as to share the image, write comments on the photos and like the stills.
Instagram has over 100 million registered users and the numbering is still increasing. The fan following is increasing as the website is registered under the category of social networking websites in September 2012. The most amazing feature of the website is that it refines a photo or an image into a circular shape. It also provides the resolution of 4:3 aspect ratios.
In the earlier times of the website it was supported by I-pad, I-pod and other devices which fall in the same category. But later on it was launched with the Android Operating System Device Compatibility. Android Phones with having cameras are also very suitable for this web based tool. It is also distributed via Google play and apple’s I-tunes store.
It has faced the greatest financial deal ever as the Facebook made an offer of $1Billion Cash Payment with the 13 existing employees. Besides this the Facebook also offered to manage it independently by their own policies and rules. The office of fair trading approved the deal on 14 August, 2012. The Federal Trade of Commission in the United States of America closed its investigation, allowing the deal to proceed on September 06,2012. The deal between Instagram and Facebook is now officially closed.
By the date of December, 2010 it had 1 million registered users but in June 2011 it passed 5 million users mark and in April 2012 It was announced that there were over 39 million users on it. Besides this Instagram announced that 100 million photographs had been uploaded in July 2011which crossed 150 millions in August 2011.
The basic rules and conditions applicable on the use of Instagram or to become Instagram Followers you should be of more than 14 years old and restrictions are on the **** or nudity content.
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Dec 13, 2012