I wish I could smile more often

This is a part of my personality. I know people who laugh all the time and laugh about EVERYTHING. But I am not like that, my mom noticed it when I was little. She was taking pictures of me and acting all stupid to make me laugh so I look happy on the picture but I didn't even smile. Now when I look through old pictures I hardly ever see me smile on it.

I would watch a funny movie with my family, my mom and my brother would be laughing and rolling on the floor, but I would be sitting there with my dad not even smiling and thinking "what is wrong with them!!" that is the only thing me and my dad have in common.  someone would tell me a joke and I would be like "what the......?" but maybe I just don't get the jokes.

But when something really funny happends and I laugh out loud (which hardly ever happends)  then I laugh from my heart and tears flow, I always cry when I laugh hard. Then I can't get to breath and my stomach hurts. But I don't remember when that happened the last time. Maybe 4 years ago or so.

There is one person in my life which changed me a bit in that way and now I laugh more often, and when I am with him I laugh all the time, that is my boyfriend. I love him so much. Thanks to you baby for making me happy :D loooool

GrueneRose GrueneRose
1 Response Apr 2, 2007

Lol, well now your mom should be taking the pictures. The reason why you don't laugh about everything depends on you outlook toward things. I don't know if everyone has a different outlook on life and things but I know that not everyone is the same. So you are normal. :)