Im Agoraphobic,7 Yrs Of Phsych,got 80%better---------husband Left Me,cant Go Out Alone.

hi----i became agoraphobic many ,many years ago--------i didnt know i would become chronically ill,,,,very young.-in my forties-----ended up in therapy for 7 years ,it helped me,but it was hell getting there====my husband started treating me ,and talking to me very abusivelly 6 years ago,i threw him out----we remained civil,because of our 3 kids and 6 grands------a year ago i find out hes been cheating on me for 13 years=======it blew me and my family right out of the water====for the past 3 years ,ive lived alone------i hate it-----i did not get married to end up,sick,handicapped and alone===i have never known this much pain -we were married 44 years----i trusted him-------because his behavior--destroyed and dived my family ------i became so depressed i could not go out alone again======im not healthy enough to join groups,i have home nursing to help me======i have accepted he has moved on-------i now live for my kids and grands-but they are busy,.i do go away a couple of nights a month ,to the casino with my best freind----but its not enough,time out for me --i have a car -but i wont drive -si i sit here 7 days and nights a week-----my life sucks-and i hate my weaknessess and fears======ive tried but cant do it=======i love animals ,but am allergic to them ,i need more ---im lonely---------
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Have you thought about speed dating? That would be nice to meet a nice guy. I think you deserve the best after going through so much!

no im too old and too sick and too burned to trust another man-----

Have you read a book from the '80's called 'Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway'? It helped me tremendously years ago and I constantly draw on what I learned from reading it.

no ,but i will look it up---tyvm-----

Hang in there<br />
sometimes our plans and what god has plannned for us is two totally diffferent things

i beleive that with all my heart,ive been ready to go home for years,but in GODS time======