I used to love leaving my house and going out but since my depression began I have almost been afraid of leaving my house. Sometimes I fear that I will run into people that I know which would mean I have to make some kind of social contact with them. I do everything in my power so that I don't have to be noticed in crowds. Even if I see someone that I know I pretend that I don't notice them. I have a friend who has the same issue and his fear got him to the point of creating a whole new persona [including a wig] just so that he doesn't have to communicate with others
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Cool, I suffer from that also, I convinced myself that I was performing whenever I HAD to leave the house, like an actress. Pretend to be normal, lol. Strangers r easier than the ones we love, huh?

Yeah you're totally right. Sometimes I imagine living in a big city where I won't run into anyone I know . the thought is so peaceful

I know, I am going to sell everything I own and buy an RV. I can drive around and meet new strangers, cuz I am Sooooo lonely closed up in this house.