My Whiteboard On Ep Severely Sucks!!!!!!!!!

how come hardly anyone scribbles on my whiteboard?  There is a total of two scribbles there.  One is from me (lame) and one is asking a question, and that's from a friend so that's okay.  I look at everyone else's whiteboards and they are filled with scribbles and messages and stuff!  Mine?  Nada.  Come on people, add to my lovely, bright, shiny, newly cleaned whiteboard.  I promise, you won't regret it!!!!!

Licorice Licorice
31-35, F
3 Responses Aug 3, 2007

Hey Licorice, I am a returning member who took a leave to shoot holes in the beliefs of the Obamanites. But that's another conversation. I used to do the same thing, quite often. Next time just play it off, if anyone remarks on it, say that you like to converse with someone who understands you. Besides, if you still want to reply to the person intended, just copy it, delete what you wrote, bring up a clean board and paste it. Most oops in life can be turned around so that you look as if you know what you're doing! I'll add you to my circle, if you'd like, & I'll write on your board & probably my own on occasion when I have a brain fart.

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Well, you are new right? It takes a little while to get going on this site. The more you contribute, write stories, message people, etc, the more response you will get...and I added a whiteboard comment for you so there you go!