Jerney Threw Life

Hey I'm Trey .growing up had learning problems and fam problems being adopted Lerner young family's what you make it. So I always consider close friends family by age 17 had delt with gangs and fallin in love . By 19 engage then planned for wedding to be in 2012 .but in 2011 she cheated I was devistated then few weeks later close uncle O.D on H then few days later mom goes vacation to clear head and my dAd walks in my room kicks me out so homeless on street lost everything fly close friends treated me like fam to get my feet now being responsible not ever doing drugs started drinking then weed whatever butt sooner or later coke was around those 2 drugs go hand and hand same with extasy then behind extasy is speed and H . Not have had doing them didn't but helped bud sell 1 of those not saying what but found myself using after to long was in rehab to find mycaz of uncle who passed saying family doesn't care bout her and want to die she 11 by way and meen while the whole time using and in rehab trying to get custody was denied parents devorced dad moved ghetto mom move north I fallowed mom stay away from drugs now being so far from friends and have no family I relaps and some where in last year I realized I may have live tough life by young age **** I've had more guns polled on me then can remember ne'er death experiences PDSD delayed fear nightmares it like **** who cares well off myself rusion rulette well lived I realized I have an amazing ability to love unconditionally to help giving good advice and not merder those who try scare me or hurt me I'm not scared simple so Ive save about 8-10 girls from being raped in collage town and stop about 4 friends deaths and right place at the wrong time always but to do the wright thing started think my self as an angel or someone else's light even in my darkest state stit light for others so fallen angel it was living by this you can put light in dark u can't put dark in ligh so I wear white and do things by my heart made company based on that I'm an honest good hearted old soul with sweetheart face and eyes..lived harder life then most with friends who had it harder we are all try to make it but since I'm an angel sending light to friend with heart mermer I want to Lern how fly I'm happy positive when sad I do drugs honest but don't judge and all works out I'll either stop have family or die and look over those in need ... Much love and respect thank u to those who read and reply to this
AngelTrey AngelTrey
22-25, M
Sep 14, 2012