I love my mom very very much.i cannot live without her at all.she is taking disadvantage of my love.she is all under my dad's influence bloody bastard that he is.he is my biggest enemy.he is brain washing her every single day.She was not like this before.we both used to go out together and used to have lots of fun also.but now she does not even talk with me.and this thing is torturing me very very much.nowadays she is always on my dad's side.and when my dad hits her then she takes my side immediately.why does she changes herself so soon?she uses all the bad words for me that no one can even think of saying to their worst enemy.she doesn't even ask me for having food.i have not eaten since 3 days.but she is not at all concerned.she did not even once ask me for having food.only reason is -i had misbehaved with her some times.but is that enough to break all relationship with me?is this my punishment?
Every child commits mistakes sometimes in life.but if a mother wants her child to improve,does she break relationship with her child?is that the right way to improve someone??
I tried to die but couldn't die.i don't have the courage.but i cannot live without her.but she is very adamant.she will not budge.
She says i can die if i want to but she will not change herself.why has she become like this?why has she begun hating me so much?
Please help me please someone or i will die....
ashwinideogade ashwinideogade
22-25, F
Dec 10, 2012