Every Day Is A Struggle

It's been two years almost scents I've found out I have hashimotos it took a year to figure it out I was so scared .i am a diabetic and every day is a struggle I think the worst part is not having the energy to do active things with my 5 year old son .i feel like I'm failing him but I let him no how much I love him every day and when I have energy I spend it on him just to see him smile is everything .i feel like who I was 2years ago is drifting .through this whole thing I've lost friends that I've had for years and yes I was sad .i feel like if u can't be there on my worst days then u shouldn't be there on my best days you'll no the ones that love u and those are the ones who are there on ur worst days to .im so thankful for every thing God has blessed me with every day is a struggle but with faith I no all get through this and I'm hoping the people I love will stay by my side
Life07 Life07
22-25, F
Dec 5, 2012