I Can't Stand People Who Go From Mean To Nice

I am not sure where to put this but it all seems fake to me.

It drives me crazy when people are mean and then nice to you all of a sudden and then mean to you again. To me it's either you're nice or you're not.

I am not talking about people who have bad days or are in a bad mood so they snap at you or are rude to you. I am talking about people who seem to have two different personalities so you never know when they are going to be nasty to you again and what you say may set them off. I avoid these people like a plague and don't talk to them.

There are people out there who decide they want to be mean to you even if they have acted like your friend by being supportive and friendly with you until you say the wrong thing to them and then they start to bully you and troll you.

I do know one person in real life who also does exactly this and it drives me crazy and she is a big hypocrite. For one she does not like it when people talk behind her back even if it's about a conflict you had with her but yet she will turn around and do the same to others and even say what conflict she is having with you. I so want to call her out on it but I don't want the nastiness from her and also the fact I don't speak to her and I don't go to that group anymore due to my work hours.

Sadly some Bipolar people will drive me crazy too and some other people with other mental illnesses that make them act like this but I wouldn't say it makes them a fake because that would be so unfair to label them as such. Instead I don't see them as nice people so I stay away from them.
girlwithanxiety girlwithanxiety
26-30, F
May 19, 2012