My Exboyfriend And Best Friend

       My friend Lindsey and I had been friends for about five or six years. I dated Trevor my sophomore year for six months and my junior year for six months(in highschool). So a week after her boyfriend gets out of the hospital she breaks up with him. Her boyfriend and I have been friends since the first grade. A week after that she starts dating her ex. Not only did she never even suggest that she had feelings but if her ex hadn't have told me I would have found out on Facebook. Six years and she can't even give me a little heads up. And Trevor treats me like crap. Because our names are close together we had to walk into the gymnasium together. Before we walk in he buts into a conversation that did not include him and tells me that I'm heartless. 
      So a mutual friend must have told Lindsey that I pissed because three days after she starts dating him she calls me and we have a little heart to heart. She basically plays the victim and that ****** me off. So I tell her that I hope he treats her better when, not if, they break up because I think that will hurt her more then the actual breakup. Yeah we aren't friends anymore.
      So we are still friends on Facebook so I decide to see if they are still together. What does her relationship status say? Single. I scan her wall(for nonFacebook users its like whiteboard on here) all the way back to August. Nothing. Go to Trevor's relationship status. Single. I scan his wall. September 1st he changed his relationship status to single and then commented on it explaining why before he could ask. He says it was because he didn't feel it was working out. When they first started dating I gave them three months tops. September first would have been about two and a half months. 
      She ruined our friendship for a guy that she isn't even with three months later. Looking back I've realized that she wasn't all that good of a friend anyway. She hardly ever included me on things she knew I would enjoy and for the month before graduation she kept ditching me for Trevor. I guess its a good thing I realized how two faced she could be. 
lillyput93 lillyput93
18-21, F
Sep 30, 2011