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My Husband's Boss Is Crazy

My husband's boss is a complete jack *** .He pitches ***** fits all the time if he doesn't have control .  I have had enough of him putting my husband down to my face .He loves to tell me truckers are a dime a dozen and I respond with go find you another .He seems to think he needs to advise us on how to raise our kids problem is he has no kids .when it is pay day my hubby has to practically demand to be paid but he does get paid .The money is fairly good but I miss my husband and this has caused so much anger into our home .He won't fire him because the ***** can't keep anyone but how the hell can you get the upper hand on a crazy basterd like this . My husband has had other job offers but the pay isn't all that good but we are waiting on another response that will pay just as good as this job

rcrisp rcrisp 36-40, F Feb 21, 2008

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