2faced Sister! Or Paranoid Me?

My sister visits me a couple of times a day! which I enjoy coz she is the only friend I have.  Sometimes she will stay for a cup of coffee and a little chat.  She never goes away empty handed, she'll take food,  money, cigs, whatever! Its like she need to take something of me! Anyway  I noticed that if  I look  nice she will comment on my jeans or top, and say I like that.  Next thing you know what she has said she likes gets ruined, like the jeans will get torn in the machine, bleach will spill on the top!  Strange I know, but  it happends everytime.  Its like she has two faces, when she stays for a coffee she is quite mild and loveable.  But the rest of the time she is cocky, demanding in a  bullying way, Its like she is two different people!  I have not told her about what happens to my things when she says she likes them, coz Id just sound mad.   she was always a little selfish when we were growing up but never this cold and mean.

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1 Response Feb 24, 2009

I don't think that you are paranoid at all. I have similar experiences with my Step sister. I pretended not to notice it. But she deliberately slept with a guy she knew I was interested in. Needless to say I wasn't interested anymore. I decided to forget about it, you know when you are young you do impulsive things.<br />
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However, years later (she doesn't live in the same country that I do) the same nasty little behaviors are once again exhibiting themselves. She comes to visit me, and there is a guy I talk with but not interested in on that level. She does not know that but all of a sudden, he has become her friend on this popular networking site and they have all these conversations. From the time I told her I am not interested in that guy all her communications with him stop.<br />
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Now there is another guy that I am definitely interested in and she knows about. She had a conversation with him on the phone and he thinks her voice is ever so sexy, and she has become somewhat trifling in our relationship so I have just cut her off. Once bitten twice shy.