Who Happens To Be A Former Schoolmate

It is just my luck that starting with me at my new job is a girl who went to my high school and was one of those "popular" bitchy girls. Our high school has a lot of students (over 2,000), but some of her friends had classes with me and don't like me just because I gave a crap about school and they didn't. So of course she has always judged me based on what other people saying. Grow the **** up! We've been out of high school for quite a few years!
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2 Responses Aug 12, 2010

It's a small world isn' t it? It's especially hard to get rid of people when you stay in your hometown, even if that hometown is rather large! :-)

Some people are hard to get rid of. When I went to college my second time when I was 30 I had met everyone of the 30 people in my class during my life either at previous jobs, schools, bars, etc. I knew all of them. It was freaky like wtf freaky.