This Guy Is Such An Idiot And Kind Of A Bully

This guy almost put me in tears today. These last days he has been mocking and picking on me all the time. He used to make some jokes at me but harmless, i would just laugh and ignore. Now he is being RUDE.
He does not respect my personal opinion, I mean not even about work, but mostly personal choices that aren't his business.

I hate he always has to show everyone he is better than anyone else or what you're doing. Most people don't take it bad there, they just take it easy and that's all.
But I don't like it when he does that to me. I can't help not being angry about this.

He won't stop as much as I ask him. I started to ignore him today, he shut up finally.

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2 Responses May 11, 2012

What an arse!!!! I really hate people that make themselves feel better by bulling others. As suggested by nouseforaname77, seek out someone at work in a place of authority that can help you. If there is no such person a google search may help to know if there is a organisation that can help. In Australia we have an organisation called Fair Work Australia that is used to gain information about your rights but to also help you make sure that your company is doing all they can to protect you and create a safe work enviroment. Im not sure where in the world you are but you may have something like that available to you.

Just remember that you are better than that person in every way and that no matter what they say you are a good person

I am with you!! I have never been allowed to finish a sentence when my work bully is in earshot without him interrupting to tell me why he knows better. He honestly thinks that I cannot be good at the things I was hired as an EXPERT to do because I am a "silly little girl". He has gone as far as to threaten to 'backhand' me for trying to stand by my statement.<br />
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The hardest, and most important part, is not to let them get you shaken up. Impossible, I know, but at the very least don't let them see it and don't let it take up too much of your day-you are on the right track. When he behaves this way, say nothing, walk away, take a few minutes to de-stress and keep ignoring. I bet it upsets some of your coworkers, too, they just make sure no one sees.<br />
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If you are in a traditional work environment, and can find someone you can trust-HR rep, boss, etc, let them know that he is making your work environment uncomfortable. They may know how to help you.<br />
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If nothing else, know you are not alone! And remember never to let the jerks win! You should never have to be bullied, especially at work!