Scum Bag!

 I will leave his name out eventhough part of me wishes to have random internet people find him...

I hate him.  He makes more than any employee on an hourly rate in the office (this is not why I hate him) He is not a supervisor of anykind but he tries to be.  He sits and milks the clock playing world of warcraft all day and night long.  He tries to make everyone in the office look terrible so he can look like jesus.  His wife callled him a couple of times crying on the phone that she needed his help with the baby (he just had a kid) who was sick becuase she herself was really sick... he told her he was too busy. He hung up the phone and continued playing an online flash game. I just can't stand him!

I have tried being nice, I have tried ignoring him, I have tried being mean, I have tried everything.  and all I can think about it getting him fired. Which everyone in the office has tried to do with no avail.  God he makes me want to pull my hair out.  



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I'll give you what hurts the most: tip him a blackspot at Make sure to enter his email address so that he gets the message, and copy everybody in your office. You'll remain anonymous, but everybody will find out who he is. It will remain in the Internet, indexed by Google, for many years.

i'm lovin that video because that is what i want to do.

oh i do that now... I only talk to the people I like in my office about non-office type things. He had the audacity to tell my friend if he didn't know better (because my friend is married) that he would say there was something going on between the two of us. He said this so my friend would stop talking to me. He is an *******. I wish he would just get fired already!

I would say stay away from him, but that might not be possible. So make it a point to talk to him only about work business that you and he must be involved in together. If he comes to you for any other kind of conversation, give him one word answers and turn away from him. He will get the idea.

i had to add... I try to like everybody and find the best in everyone because it makes my life happier but I can't do it with this guy. I hate this feeling... maybe if I put his address on the internet someone could knock some sense into him... ok kidding but I hate him.