Hating A Guy Cause I Like Him

I hate this guy cause I like him, you know what I mean, remember when you were little and pushed the girl or guy off the swing cause you really like em, same senerio, my friends hate him, I like him, but dont know how to tell anyone, expeshally him, so I started playing along like I hate him, but I really like him, I am usally more upfront, but this time im froze, wierd right, and you know how if your a hore, you cant admit it to your self, if your a **** cant admit it to your self, well, me a my friends, dare I say it, but we could possibly be considered *******, dicks, and ********, and perves, well this guy is just like that, and we can call others who ante our friends easally, so I call him that **** all the time, but I think we could be perfecy together, hes also not usally my type, but I dont know. but I dont want to go out with a **** that will try and treat me like crap, that always happenes, but for some reason, I think hes diffrent
numbuh13m numbuh13m
13-15, F
Mar 14, 2012