Ms Snickers-the matriarc of our cat family.

  Her eyes, are so beautifull with their golden marble like color one has a beauty mark by it as well.  In her cat years she is 100 years old,now -meows in echos.  Only due to the fact her hearing has gone.  Her owners my sister and husband will be putting her peacefully and regretfully to sleep this week  to put her out of  her misery.  Such  a wonderfull blessing to our family she has been with  her sweet kind patience for putting up with us.  Its been a real love affair to have her in our lives.  On christmas eve as you layed on my chest - your soft purring calming me and loving me -you were so easy to love back-wev'e been so lucky to have had ..  My heart will be quietly breaking while my silent tears will be for you my four legged friend.  You  have share your life with your human family kevin and rebecca and other four legged buddies for many of your years.  mommy  and daddy took such good care of you the angels gave you to us this long-two decades with you.  We want to keep you forever with us but know it's not good for you.  Hopefully, you will be joining our other lost four paw angels-kirby,shadow zach and koda-many more to count will be there to welcome you with open paws because they miss you too.  You will never be out of reach of us Becky or kevin  or me-we'll always have you with us.   Two days ago I spoke with my tearfull sister about sweet  snickers  who gave us so much in 20 years.  She finally put her out of her misery  the story went on.  My sister had taken her to their doctor for their cats and they for some weird reason  coukldn't put her down.  So she stayed with us for a few more months.  My sister of course is broken hearted .  Me too- another family loss for us.
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We have lost some of our cats too. I was almost afraid to try more kittens, but our son needed to thin down his cat pride. So we took 2 of them home and they started out as garage cats. Then we moved and brought them to our new home. They weren't about to stay outside in unchartered territory. They zoomed into the house. They gradually decided by looking out the sliding glass door that they would give this new place a try.
It has a woodsy area out back, and soon one caught a shrew. You could tell their anxiety was turning into joy. And then it happened. The previous owners had both died and their Cat reappeared as one of ours was sitting outside of the sliding glass door.
Well, Chubs was so leery, she just froze. The other bigger cat has similar coloring but she is so much bigger. She started prancing and then started advancing on my little dear. Then I heard her hiss and the other cat stopped. So I slipped over to the door and gently opened it a little and Chubs darted through.
We started calling the mystery cat, Babbette. One day while I was going through boxes in the garage, I noticed a cat run by. I could not tell if it was Chubs or Nubs. A half hour later my husband joined me and said "We had a visitor who ran into our home and just looked all over the place and then she saw him." Even though he spoke kindly to her, she ran back outside.
Then he installed a cat door in the side door of the garage. We were planning to go to our former home to pack some things. Three days later we returned. He opened the side door to find our two cats and Babbette and two of her kittens. I guess she laid claim to the garage, because she wasn't about to change owners They ran away. But we spot her every now and then. The neighbor man told us that cat sits on the porch every day waiting for her owner's return. They are a very loyal animal.
I'm sorry you lost yours. Boshie

Those two cats give me a lot of joy. I've been trying to clean my closet and threw some things on the hassock at the foot of my bed. I later heard a garbage bag making noise. I looked in to see a little head peek out at me. Well that needed a picture. They usually nap under my bed. They are also curious about the shower. So I put a container of water for them on the bench. But no matter how hard I try to coax them in while I shower, "No thanks, we prefer hairballs."