Why do people feel the need to control me? I'm an adult and capable of controlling myself. If you want to control someone please look elsewhere.
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Why do you feel that someone tries to control you ? Undubiously you are a grownup and control your self ,and when u have so many capabilities why should you solicit help on the net for perfect fitting bras?
Either diet vigourously or work out rigourously ---- this has two advantages --- U can shed wight and go for two inches lesser or increase by two inches and go for a larger size.
Best of LUCK

Flat out I'm not fat!! I'm perfect weight. And I do have issues with bra fittings and was hoping for peer support. Instead I get you putting me down and calling me fat!!!! Thank you for your human compassion!!!!!

Girishchandra shut up ya moron and speak to this lady with respect

we should not let anyone controlled us and never yeild so easily because we are bornfree

Dang straight. :)

ha,ha,ha yes i hate people would dominate me and think they are more superior and they are elite when i can also understand and do what they do and i always told this kind of people im BORNFREE....

Hold strong

I'm going thru the same thing w my parents an it doesn't help that my husband is the worst he controls everything I do , to what I say , to what I wear

To heck with that.

I know it sucks , just because I wanna look nice he thinks I'm up to something

The last guy that tried to control me I terminated him very quickly. No room for that in my life.

I would but my dad would freak if I got another divorce

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It's co-dependence. Shedevil. It's rampant in this world. It exists in every relationship, but much more so in intimate and "loving" relationships. It's all about control, and in their minds, it's love....I think that you may know this already...

I think peeps need to control themselves. :$. Thank god I live alone and pick and choose what calls to answer. Lol

Same with me. I just got out of a 40 year marriage that became toxic - our divorce isnt final yet, but I moved out and set myself free...

Good for you. I'm sorry you're going through that but life is much better standing on your own 2 feet.

You got that right...

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Ummm.. who is controlling you?

My dad. Aunt. Sister. Mom. They try but I fight. Lol. Thank god I live alone and can choose what calls to answer. Lol