Jerk English Teacher

I just passed High School. There was a English teacher in my school who was a COMPLETE jerk. She never took any of my classes, and yet she hated me. I have no idea why, I have never disrespected her, or anything. Maybe it's because I don't flatter her like the other students do. Or more likely, it's because she looks down at me. She's rich, has been to foreign countries, etc. I come from a simple middle class family, my mom's a simple country girl who doesn't speak English, and so this teacher acts like I'm worthless. She's nice to my face, but she back-stabs me all the time. She makes sure my articles are not published, and I don't get any prizes or awards or trophies. One time my Math teacher was bringing in a Career Councillor for me, she sabotaged it. She wants me to have nothing, she prevents other teachers (who love me a lot) from helping me, and all this, just because my family can't flash money or jewels or sputter fancy English words? It's unfair, I hate it. But I'm not a weak girl, I wrote online, people liked it, I got my self-esteem boosted up, I never let this teacher get to me and shatter my confidence in myself. I've wrote so many songs about her even. She's just horrible. I'm glad it's over.
rurodoll rurodoll
18-21, F
1 Response May 16, 2012

i liked your story because i had problems with my teachers too for different reasons,
i wish you find better teacher if you can.