What A Pest!

I used to have bad acne... Like it got to the point to where I was so embarrassed to even go out in public and leave the house (thank God I was homeschooled). I would try EVERY anti-acne product that the stores had to offer and none of it worked. I washed my face like crazy and was very clean (contrary to the myth that people with acne are "dirty" and "don't bathe"...
I would even go in my mom's bathroom and sneak her make-up on to try to cover it up..

Those 2 years were absolute misery.

So about a year ago when I was 15, my mom FINALLY took me to the dermatologist. I was prescribed Epiduo and Doxycycline. In about 3 weeks, I saw a major improvement on my face. After about 8 weeks, my whole entire face was acne free.

The thing that is sucky about Epiduo though, is that it makes your face EXTREMELY dry and red.. But honestly, I'd rather look like I have a sunburn than have red dots all over my face... But I can honestly say, acne has changed my life and I felt like it has made a life changing experience on my attitude.. I feel like it has made me a more angry person that I used to be..

I mean, my face is sometimes very clear and I still feel embarrassed to go out in public because of 1 small pimple. It has definitely changed my self-esteem.
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1 Response Feb 10, 2012

i have used those med to for a long time and they still dont work:(, did they get worst when you were using it and then cleared up?

It depends. It seems like if I put Epiduo on my face EVERYWHERE everyday, I won't break out.. But my face gets so dry that I can't even talk properly. I'm going to a new dermatologist soon because the one I am going to right now just isn't helping.

i know same her like my dermatologist look like an old ken lol you like soo perfect and he didnt even like care about my feeling or like i told i already used them and he made me go on them again but im thinking about doing blue light have you ever heard of that?