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I am a housewife and a mother of a beautiful baby boy.I have had acne since I can remember. Since I was 7 years old I started breaking out in my nose and everything got super bad when I was 14. The worse was when I was 15, I wanted to die, I didnt want to go out. I was depressed, I couldnt look at myself in the mirror without breaking down and cry. I tried everything from lotions, to tratments, facials, anti-biotics you name it... stuff worked at the beginning but then the effect was gone. At 17 I went with this dermatologist, she prescribed Roaccutane or acuttane, and anti-biotics and the pill, and It worked, I was happy so happy, after I ended the treatment, the acne did come back but  not as rough as it was. Acne has been part of my life, its been a rough experience, the toughest, I dont wish it on anybody, and I feel sympathy for thos that still have it. In the end I have learned to controll it, sleeping better, eating better, and after my baby was born my skin got better. I am on the pill and that has helped me too. But I found out that stress is what triggers it, so I try to take things easier. I guess that getting married and having a family keeps me happy and so I dont have that much stress. there are days that I still break out but people out there know that ACNE CAN BE CONTROLLED, it doesnt have a cure, but it can be controlled. With excercise, diet, lotsa water, sleep, and inner peace.  LOVE   me.

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Pregnancy causes people to have a whole new influx of hormones and can likely cause acne, since the body has not had time to adjust. I think a majority of people get at least one zit in their lifetime, sounds like you have the right attitude about it.

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