please help me!

i need my acne to be gone in 3 months for summer.

it is all over my forehead, i use acne free.

i have bangs. i cant pin them back and

expose all of it, and it hurts because i get cystic acne,

my skin was getting better but i went and

spent the night at my friends house

and i couldnt wash my face and

by morning my skin was all broken

out. I also have lots of leftover marks

i guess they are scars! please help

Vampirelvr13 Vampirelvr13
2 Responses Mar 1, 2009

One of the major causes of pimples, acne and/or blemishes is dead skin not removed from the area, namley the face. The best thing for this is a scrub or something to remove this obviously.<br /> offer an organic product with 100% proven results.<br />
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Are you sure there is no way to get your hair off of your face? Because that's probably a major contributor. Also, have you tried going to a dermatologist to get special acne cream? If it's really bad, I would recommend that. Otherwise, the only other advice I can give is to not use any harsh, drying facewashes. Try something like Simple (I've heard that it is easier on the skin.) Using aloe vera gel on your face or some other non-greasy moisturiser and using tea tree oil on the spots might also help :)