Last month, Adobe Flash Player piggybacked the Babylon Toolbar with an update. I made sure to leave the Babylon Toolbar boxes unchecked. IT WENT ON AHEAD AND FOISTED BABYLON TOOLBAR ON ME ANYWAY! Babylon Toolbar is a very nasty piece of malware. On Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and possibly other browsers it usurps your home page, your search engine, and your new tab function, killing the tabs you have up even when you've set the browser to bring back the last session's tabs.

This has caused me a lot of trouble. In trying to completely expunge Babylon from my computer, I ended up deleting one-sixth of my programs including Outlook Express--should've left it to the pros, although that would cost me at least 50 dollars. I had to do System Restore. But the restoration isn't perfect; I still have lost the ability to save images from my e-mail. (Anybody know what I should do to get that back?)

I certainly will abort any future Adobe updates that are piggybacking other programs.

NewChrissy advises disabling Flash Player. What do you think? I know on Google Chrome it crashes like crazy.
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well and the next they foisted on people was google chrome; didn't even ask me if I wanted the download

Adobe Flash should be taken into the street and put out of its misery.