You Need To Update Your Flash...

Again? Too many updates

Just so the Marketing Wonks can see what I'm doing... 

I used to work with Marketing Wonks,

and I know what they do all day long...

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Boated anything sucks ;)

Grr...bloated flash interfaces. Ironically enough, the Dilbert website is a prime example of this (or, it may be bloated ja<x>vascript, not sure).

Seems like you know your subject...

Oh I doubt it took years as it was a revision of a previously existing algorithm. <br />
<br />
What allows for lawsuits regarding intellectual property and intangibles is the -patent-. No patent, no lawsuit filed against you, your AP gals, your 'Corporate Attorneys', the guy that empties the garbage from your office every night, or anyone else.<br />
<br />
You don't believe in dinosaurs but you believe anything an accounts payable clerk or attorney will tell you. Things like this get goofed up all the time in medium to large sized companies. The bigger the corp, the more bureaucracy, the greater the chances of it happening, especially if you're working in a culture that bars the questioning of routine procedures. Oh boy - got yourself a real fine bunch there.<br />
<br />
"We know best" is like a diet pill for the brain. It thinks it's full so it ceases to accept anymore 'food'.

My original comment was that is funky to charge for a format that was once public.<br />
<br />
gnu doesn't grant you the ability to use someone else's filter.<br />
If you do you will be sued <br />
There is a company that has spent years developing image filters.<br />
You buy the set from them to incorporate in an application.<br />
(you could spend years developing your own set if you wanted to)<br />
All formats are included. Except LZW (used in gif compression)<br />
LZW Filters (A proper noun, like AMC Gremlin) cost extra. <br />
They cost extra by the copy. That means if you want to sell <br />
10,000,000 copies of an application, 10,000,000 X the royalty rate <br />
is what you will pay. An additional line must be placed in the credits<br />
for the application that states who owns the patent on the <br />
compression technique, and that a royalty has been paid for its use.<br />
<br />
I may not believe in Dinosaurs, <br />
but I do believe the Corporate Attorneys.<br />
And the AP "Gals" would bar your attitude from the building.<br />
I mean, they would call the guard, and then call HR and have you fired.

You didn't read the blog after that one and I'm actually giving you the benefit of the doubt because I understand that information gets corrupted, forgotten, left out, ignored, etc. But, in this case I'm starting to think your guys are the ones that have misinterpreted, left out, or ignored the latest information on this topic. Not you specifically - but your attorneys, AP folks or whoever. <br />
<br />
I could be wrong, but it just seems odd. This was a big deal in the GNU community. GNU doesn't say 'make one', as a matter of fact they say 'to hell with that'. The -patent office- however, more or less says 'make one' because there is no patent listed for anyone with the goal of protecting the LZW algorithms. A plugin can't own a patent (sounds stupid, but you seem to be insinuating that), an -entity- has to own a patent. Again, Unisys was the last on record and that patent has long expired. When you capitalized "Filtering" I assumed you meant a company. I'm not taking a cheap shot, but capitalized words like that in the middle of a sentence almost always refers to an official name.<br />
<br />
So, again - I could be missing information here but it seems more likely to me that your AP gals are probably hung up on some decade-old rule that doesn't apply anymore. I've been in that scenario plenty of times myself so I know all too well how it can happen.<br />
<br />
I wonder who the check is made out to? Unisys? <br />
<br />
I wonder if the recipient actually cashes them, and if so, what account they post them to.

I read somewhere that you had wanted to ease up a bit, <br />
I see that's not working out so well for you.<br />
<br />
I'm sure you understand that a filter is like a plug-in.<br />
And LZW filters are a specific set of filters.<br />
LZW filters are utilized for gif compression.<br />
<br />
gnu says you can make one, go ahead,<br />
But if you assume I'm just making this up,<br />
I'll assume you couldn't create a <br />
viable gif filter in your spare time.<br />
While your googling away,<br />
look it up and you'll find the brand name.<br />
If they didn't charge for it, <br />
AP wouldn't let the check be cut.<br />
<br />
At least you're on topic, <br />
sort of...

I ask because what you've said conflicts with commonly cited information, and the little ditty about "LZW Filtering" not being an actual company.<br />
<br />
The last patent was thought to have expired in 2006.<br /><br />
<br />
Hell, even the patent office frowned on the backstabbing antics of Unisys. They damned near killed it by being the ******** they were.

My personal experience as Software Producer <br />
for a major Print Productivity application.<br />
Why do you ask?

Last I read, Unisys was the last to own the patent and they let it expire. I am unaware of any company sporting the LZW name; I am only aware if it as it pertains to the actual algorithm used in compression.<br />
<br />
Where are you getting this information?

Compuserve was bought by AOL a long time ago. LZW Filtering has extending patents and a fee must be paid by a developer wishing to utilize the compression techniques in an application. The reference wasn't about old contracts, it was about charging for an image format that was once thought of as public, in connection with the miscellaneous other habits.

Try Foxit Reader for PDF's. No bloat, no crap. Just uncheck the Toolbar Install option during installation.<br />
<br />
I've waited and waited for an alternative to Adobe's Flash renderer. There's been a few over the years but they've all had short lives and were poorly supported even then.<br />
<br />
Adobe doesn't own the gif format. CompuServe created it and they really could care less if you use it, not that any self-respecting graphics artist would do so.<br />
<br />
>The Graphics Interchange Format(c) is the copyright property of CompuServe<br />
Incorporated. Only CompuServe Incorporated is authorized to define, redefine,<br />
enhance, alter, modify or change in any way the definition of the format.<br />
<br />
CompuServe Incorporated hereby grants a limited, non-exclusive, royalty-free<br />
license for the use of the Graphics Interchange Format(sm) in computer<br />
software; computer software utilizing GIF(sm) must acknowledge ownership of the<br />
Graphics Interchange Format and its Service Mark by CompuServe Incorporated, in<br />
User and Technical Documentation. Computer software utilizing GIF, which is<br />
distributed or may be distributed without User or Technical Documentation must<br />
display to the screen or printer a message acknowledging ownership of the<br />
Graphics Interchange Format and the Service Mark by CompuServe Incorporated; in<br />
this case, the acknowledgement may be displayed in an opening screen or leading<br />
banner, or a closing screen or trailing banner. A message such as the following<br />
may be used:<br />
<br />
"The Graphics Interchange Format(c) is the Copyright property of<br />
CompuServe Incorporated. GIF(sm) is a Service Mark property of<br />
CompuServe Incorporated."

Adobe has an evil faction, the one that charges for .gif image use, installs update checkers that run continuously in the background, I dislike that every time I (accidentally) open a pdf, it creates a folder in 'my documents' called my ebooks. And flash!, I dislike flash, badly. At one time I had a flash spoofer on my machine because any website that had flash wanted me to update it so I could see the new ad format. The spoofer made them think I had the latest version, and didn't show the ad. Once again, I return to Marketing, and their two percent theory. They never do realize that they alienate 98% of us to get 2% to buy something. <br />
<br />
Rant rant rant...

Flash is free and has not asked for registration in over ten years.<br />
<br />
Always get your Flash version from here:<br />
<br />
If you paid for it, it's not only a ripoff but probably came with malware, spyware or a virus or two for added variety.

You purchased a version of Flash that asked you to register?

In my corporate days, I had a love hate relationship with marketing. They loved it when I helped them create a well worded package, but they hated me when I said they were flat out lying ;)<br />
<br />
Marketing itself isn't evil, it's actually quite valuable. But when sub par minds use techniques that are not very imaginative, things can go awry quickly...

LOL, I worked with the the Advertising folks for a while......It was great fun actually---but it's not a healthy place if one has a little bit of conscience.